Taking a break…

I have been dragging ass all day. The fatigue is just killing me today. I've had very little motivation to get things done, though the day was still somewhat productive. I started the morning with an appointment with the kinesiologist to get some core exercises to work on. After that I headed home, and just … Continue reading Taking a break…

Changes and growth…

I finally managed to get out shooting again last night, which felt good. It was a quiet evening with little wildlife moving about; still, I managed to capture an image of this hawk having supper, which is as cool as it is disturbing. Even birds need to eat. Despite not finding much to shoot last, … Continue reading Changes and growth…

Positive indicators

Today has been a day. I slept in a bit, before getting up and heading into the office. I did a Facebook live announcing the winner of a draw that I was running on my photography business's Facebook page. The winner ended up being a lady from Edmonton that Lynn knows. I ended up coordinating … Continue reading Positive indicators

Working on “downtime.”

It's been a few days since I've written. Things have been busy. Between work picking up, school, and my photography, I have not had much in the way of downtime, but I'm not complaining. With the weather getting nicer, I've been getting out to shoot more, and have been really happy with some of the … Continue reading Working on “downtime.”

A few small changes…

Yesterday was a mixed type of day. Mood-wise, the day was good. Work wise, not so much. I was in Stettler covering court yesterday morning. Covering court is definitely interesting. It's interesting seeing how the justice system in this country works. Unfortunately with the two hours I was there, I came away without a single … Continue reading A few small changes…

Confidence Boost

Well, after a few lumps and bumps the theatre group got through the dress rehearsal yesterday. Overall there performance went fairly well, though there were a couple of mis-cues with lighting. In the end, though, everything turned out pretty good, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the run. This morning I woke up … Continue reading Confidence Boost

Content Warning (mention of suicide): Getting Whiplash

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has reached out to me since I published my last post. As you may have figured out, I'm struggling right now. My moods have been going so up and down over the last few days I'm beginning to get whiplash. At the urging of Lynn, … Continue reading Content Warning (mention of suicide): Getting Whiplash

Imposter Syndrome and unstable sense of self.

Fear is something we all face, whether we want to acknowledge it or not. I know as a youth, one of my biggest stumbling blocks was a fear of failure, which continually led me to ever-seeking approval. I sought approval from my parents, my teachers, and my peers, and this constant need for approval did … Continue reading Imposter Syndrome and unstable sense of self.

Complacency and finding my ‘why.’

I know I need to make a change. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com I need to make time to look after myself mentally and physically. It's not that I'm in a bad place right now, it's just I need to find the motivation to make a lasting change. If I can get myself back into … Continue reading Complacency and finding my ‘why.’

Working my craft

Canon T6i, 1/1600s,f5.6,ISO 200, Jan 26,2020 I can't believe it has been nearly a week since I have written last! Suffice it to say, things have been busy. I had various trainings or meetings every night last week, plus quite a few day-time things, including the opportunity to cover a criminal case as a reporter. … Continue reading Working my craft

Kicking ass in the short term

Mentally, I'm struggling a bit. I'm not tumbling into a full-on depression, but I'm definitely feeling fatigued. My motivation has been next to non-existent, and I'm having a hard time engaging with activities, such as my fitness regime. That said, I've been steady with work, with some new opportunities on the horizon, and I've been … Continue reading Kicking ass in the short term

Changes afoot

After a very short period of deliberation, I have decided to change photography website providers. It turns out that with the Adobe Photography package I subscribe to includes free portfolio hosting, using their software. The only charge for the service is $12/year for the custom domain. That is opposed to the $13/month I've been paying … Continue reading Changes afoot

Little bit of everything…

Today had a little bit of everything in it. I covered the store for a bit this morning while Lynn was getting bloodwork done, then came home, did some laundry and other housework, and started brainstorming for my next assignment. I finally settled on a topic; now to begin the research. I grabbed a workout … Continue reading Little bit of everything…


Today was quiet. I got a workout in, did some reading, and finished the reading for the next unit of my course. Once I get the assignment done I will officially be on the downhill part of the course. I have two assignments and one unit left to do before I tackle the final exam, … Continue reading Bookwork

Day off…

I managed to enjoy a nice quiet day today. I let myself sleep in, had an appointment with M, and enjoyed some Red Dead Redemption 2. This afternoon B came over and we got the outside Christmas decorations out. There was an event in Halkirk that I could have attended and covered for the paper, … Continue reading Day off…

Making changes

I'm feeling sore and stiff tonight, but overall pretty good. I've had a general body ache for a few days, especially in my calfs since I hopped on the treadmill again the other day. However, despite the aches, pains, and body protests, I hit the treadmill for a 30 minute workout today. I'm a little … Continue reading Making changes

Touring the back country

Today was a quieter day. I covered a breakfast with Santa event in Halkirk first thing, then met up for lunch with some of our church folks. After lunch I loaded up the two big dogs, Sirius and Roll, and headed out into the back country to take some photos. It was a relaxing afternoon, … Continue reading Touring the back country

At least I’m not bored…

I'm impressed that I've been as functional today as I have been, seeing as I had to get up in the middle of the night cleaning up dog puke. That is not a pleasant wake up..... Aside from that, I was up and out the door to Stettler for a meeting this morning. I was … Continue reading At least I’m not bored…

Increasing activity

Today has been a hell of a lot more active than recent days. I finished a couple of articles for the paper, went in for a massage therapy appointment, and got some studying done. The massage therapy appointment went well, though apparently my workout regime is having some unintended consequences on my shoulder and butt … Continue reading Increasing activity

Shifting winds of life

Today was a quieter day. I covered the store this morning while Lynn had her table set up at our local monthly Farmers Market. The store was dead while I was in there, but apparently it got pretty busy after Lynn took over. After Lynn relieved me at the store, I headed up to the … Continue reading Shifting winds of life

Changing the paradigm

It might sound trite, but I am not who I used to be. A lot has changed for me. A meaningful role that has been a good fit for my mental health. I've found self-discipline to push through the discomfort and grow myself physically, strengthening myself mentally in the process. I'm challenging myself mentally by … Continue reading Changing the paradigm

I would rather try and fail…

Part of me is wondering what the hell I signed up for, another is ready to take on the challenge. I spent some time in my text book today, and even got an early start on the first lesson, which which is mainly a punctuation refresher. Looking through some of the other chapters, I can … Continue reading I would rather try and fail…


Recovery in mental health is not something that just happens. It doesn't happen by accident. It doesn't happen with drugs or alcohol. Recovery does happen with hard work, but things do help it along. It doesn't happen with medications, though they can help get you to the point where you can do the work. It … Continue reading Recovery

Breathing room and hard work.

After attending my last event of the week, I have some breathing room. It's been a good week, busier than hell, but I made it through none the worse for wear. I still have some work to finish up based on events I covered this last week, but with a more or less clear schedule … Continue reading Breathing room and hard work.