Productive downtime

My time on the bench is coming to an end. I worked Monday and Thursday as full days this week, and Tuesday and today are half days. Due to a rodeo kicking off tonight in Stettler, I'm also working this weekend. I'm okay with it though, I love covering rodeo! I've been out shooting in … Continue reading Productive downtime

Why I am all in on the Apple ecosystem

So, I’ll admit, over the last year or so I have turned into a bit of an Apple fan-boy. Okay, maybe it goes a little further back than that…. Having had enough of PCs, I saved up and purchased a MacBook Pro for myself in 2018 and it is a move I have not looked … Continue reading Why I am all in on the Apple ecosystem

Working my craft

Canon T6i, 1/1600s,f5.6,ISO 200, Jan 26,2020 I can't believe it has been nearly a week since I have written last! Suffice it to say, things have been busy. I had various trainings or meetings every night last week, plus quite a few day-time things, including the opportunity to cover a criminal case as a reporter. … Continue reading Working my craft