Falling into routine

We are falling into a routine after the stress of the last few days. I'm slowly getting back into my work projects, and Lynn is doing some online marketing for the store and her home-based-businesses. The air in the house is definitely somber compared to what it was, but the other two dogs are starting … Continue reading Falling into routine

Skills work amid Covid-19

A pretty light day today. I caught up on some housework, played some Playstation, and disappeared into the backcountry with a friend to take some photos. I didn't end up taking many this afternoon, but I did get a few good ones. My friend B and I were doing some exploring at an old graveyard … Continue reading Skills work amid Covid-19

A few small changes…

Yesterday was a mixed type of day. Mood-wise, the day was good. Work wise, not so much. I was in Stettler covering court yesterday morning. Covering court is definitely interesting. It's interesting seeing how the justice system in this country works. Unfortunately with the two hours I was there, I came away without a single … Continue reading A few small changes…


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.comSome heroes wear capes. Others wear bunker gear and uniforms. I'm feeling the love today. My Facebook page has blown up with birthday well-wishes, and I am grateful. I know I haven't been in a great headspace lately. I know I've been struggling and feeling overwhelmed. The support means the world … Continue reading Heroes

Complacency and finding my ‘why.’

I know I need to make a change. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com I need to make time to look after myself mentally and physically. It's not that I'm in a bad place right now, it's just I need to find the motivation to make a lasting change. If I can get myself back into … Continue reading Complacency and finding my ‘why.’

Kicking ass in the short term

Mentally, I'm struggling a bit. I'm not tumbling into a full-on depression, but I'm definitely feeling fatigued. My motivation has been next to non-existent, and I'm having a hard time engaging with activities, such as my fitness regime. That said, I've been steady with work, with some new opportunities on the horizon, and I've been … Continue reading Kicking ass in the short term

Tomorrow is a new day…lessons learned

This morning, I hit the ground running, and didn't stop. I was up and out early to cover today's county meeting, then home to get them wrote up. B picked me up after lunch, and took me into an appointment in Stettler for an eye appointment. The appointment went well, though the doctor does want … Continue reading Tomorrow is a new day…lessons learned