Photography Friday:Workflow

In an effort to introduce some focused content into my blog, I'm introducing Photography Fridays. These blogs will be focused on various aspects of photography, ranging from workflow to equipment that I use. Before I got into photography, I was under the false assumption that it was all pointing and shooting a camera, however since … Continue reading Photography Friday:Workflow

Focusing on learning…

Today was a fairly light day. I did some general cleanup around the house, met a church member who was returning some borrowed items, and other general odds and ends. The biggest parts of my day were tied up with a workout and studying. For my workout today, I did just under a mile-and-a-half on … Continue reading Focusing on learning…


I know that when I started this blog back in 2017 the main purpose of it was to act as a mental health recovery blog, which it still is and shall remain, however I think I'm going to slightly shift the focus to more of my progress in photography. I am loving the photography, and … Continue reading Loadout


After covering events for the paper over the last few days and catching up on some housework, today's schedule is looking pretty light. I have a couple of pieces I am working on for the paper, and other than that I don't have much on deck, so I'm thinking that I'll be cutting the lawn … Continue reading Growth