Going in-patient…

direction sign with capital letter H for hospital This week has been challenging. I've been dealing with low moods, fatigue -again-, and poor concentration. I am definitely not at the lowest point that I've been, but I've definitely been struggling. I reached out to Dr. M at the centre, and heard back from him. He's … Continue reading Going in-patient…

Skills work amid Covid-19

A pretty light day today. I caught up on some housework, played some Playstation, and disappeared into the backcountry with a friend to take some photos. I didn't end up taking many this afternoon, but I did get a few good ones. My friend B and I were doing some exploring at an old graveyard … Continue reading Skills work amid Covid-19

Movie Review: “The Rise of Skywalker.” (Spoilers)

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Lynn and I recently went to see the final chapter in the Skywalker Saga, "The Rise of Skywalker." I wanted to like the movie, and it was definitely the best of the new trilogy, that said, I feel that the movie fell short over what it could have been. The … Continue reading Movie Review: “The Rise of Skywalker.” (Spoilers)

Lofty goals and stumbling

After a week away, I'm home and working on sliding back into routine, with some minor tweaks. I'm setting some short and medium term goals for myself and for my health. First and foremost, I'm setting my alarm earlier and forcing myself to get up so I can grab a workout and a shower first … Continue reading Lofty goals and stumbling

Growth and balance

It's been a busy couple of days. Yesterday, I ended up covering the store for Lynn as well as covering the election and participating in writing group. Today, I was up and out the door early, covering the county council meeting, then meeting a friend for lunch. After lunch Lynn's mom and I drove up … Continue reading Growth and balance

CW: Mental health relapse/update

I know I've been absent over the last few days, and that my most recent post was locked. I'll be honest, with the fatigue I've been feeling extending into it's second week, I have not been at my best mentally. I've been struggling with impulsivity, self-harm urges, and ever darkening thoughts. I'm hoping that the … Continue reading CW: Mental health relapse/update

running hard

Today was good, albeit busy. I had intended to get up at 0600 to get a workout in and get some work done to catch up from the last couple of days. My brain thought it was a great idea, my body was totally unwilling.... As a result I got a late start, making it … Continue reading running hard


I've been swamped the last couple days. Lunch with my editor yesterday afternoon, meeting last night, and a meeting and event this morning., and more tonight. I'm glad to be busy, and definitely happy to take advantage of the busy-times, because I know July was really slow. I have another couple of days with stuff … Continue reading Priorities