Everyone in this world plays a role. Mothers. Fathers. Brothers. Oil executives. Politicians. Though I wasn't diagnosed until my early twenties, I can see tendrils of my Borderline Personality Disorder reaching into my late teens. With the interpersonal conflict I battled thanks to the disordered thinking, I had a hard time finding my role in … Continue reading Roles

Hidden Limits

I am grateful for friends.  Yesterday, my friend B came over and helped my get the outside of the house set up with Christmas lights, and gave me a hand bringing the indoor decorations upstairs. Lynn and I both appreciate his help, because with shoulder still being out of commission, and Lynn's foot still being … Continue reading Hidden Limits

Ok, I’m a little cracked…

Today has been tiring, but I think I am breaking out of the slide of the last few days. Church this morning went well, and people are loving the work that has gone into the church's AV systems. I was acting as emcee as well as helping in the sound booth so that made life … Continue reading Ok, I’m a little cracked…

Challenges and Triumphs

There are barely three weeks of 2018 left.  The last year has been full of challenges and triumphs.  Challenges were aplenty. My psychiatrist discharged me from her practise. My emotions have continued to be erratic. Finances remain a challenge. I spent another stint in hospital just a few short months ago. Day to day life … Continue reading Challenges and Triumphs

My normal… whatever that is?

Today has not been a great day for me, mentally or physically. I have been having a hard time making time for me. It seems I am always rushing. Rushing to take Lynn here and there since she can't drive at the moment. Rushing to the theatre group. Rushing to make supper. Rushing to one … Continue reading My normal… whatever that is?

Moving Targets

Borderline Personality Disorder is a major psychiatric illness that can be found in the DSM-5 and is described as: a pattern of instability in personal relationships, intense emotions, poor self-image and impulsivity. A person with borderline personality disorder may go to great lengths to avoid being abandoned, have repeated suicide attempts, display inappropriate intense anger or … Continue reading Moving Targets

Mourning the past, welcoming the future.

Today has not been a great day.  Both physically and mentally I've been floundering. The bit of the air goes right through my jacket causing my shoulder to stiffen up as soon as I head outside. By the time I shoveled the front walk enough for Lynn to get too and from the house my … Continue reading Mourning the past, welcoming the future.

Finding the forest in the trees.

I don't mind mornings, I just wish they'd happen later in the day. Up and out the door early this morning. Lynn has a market in Stettler she had booked long before she fractured her ankle, so I ended up driving her in, and am acting as a runner for her, as well as getting … Continue reading Finding the forest in the trees.