Pushing through the discomfort…

Photo by Victor Freitas on Pexels.com "Don't quit when you're tired, quit when you're done," is a quote by former Navy SEAL turned motivational speaker, David Goggins. At a quick blush, it seems like sound, and easy, advice to follow. Peeling back the layers of this quote unlock something else though. With the fatigue I've … Continue reading Pushing through the discomfort…

Keeping focused…

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Today has been another steady day, though with this heat wave we are in I had a hard time shaking the lead out of my ass this morning. I don't know why, but I just had a hell of a time dragging myself into the office today. Still, I managed … Continue reading Keeping focused…

Early Morning Peace…

I always forget how much I enjoy the predawn quiet in the house. Lately I haven't even been setting an alarm, because it didn't seem to matter what I tried, I couldn't talk myself into getting out of bed, and as a result I've been sleeping in later and later. With my schedule being kind … Continue reading Early Morning Peace…


Despite the best of intentions, everyone can lose sight of their goals sometimes. Throw in mental health struggles, and the very effort of survival can throw goals a little off course, or right out of sight. Thinking about the last few weeks, I can see that despite the forward progress I've continued to make, that … Continue reading Refocus

Looking forward to routine…

I've been busy over the past week, and I'm feeling it. My energy has still been such that I am managing to make it through the day and get done what I need to, but I haven't had much energy for anything else. That's been the frustrating part. I continue to lose the war with … Continue reading Looking forward to routine…

Working on time management…

With five shows down, we have passed the half way point of this year's theatre run. The show has been going good and I have been enjoying my role doing the AV for the production, but I think I'm looking forward to the show wrapping too. Things are getting busier, and it's just one more … Continue reading Working on time management…

Needing to make a change…but struggling

I'm not doing bad right now, but I'm not doing as well as I could be. I've been having a hell of a time getting my ass moving in the morning. It seems like whatever I try, I end up over sleeping, and I'm not liking it. I know how much better I feel when … Continue reading Needing to make a change…but struggling

Time, effort, and consistency acclimatizing into my new routine.

This week has definitely been much slower paced than the few weeks previous. This isn't a bad thing. Since I've been home from Saskatchewan I've been acclimating myself to my new routine at home. It has not been without it's challenges. I'm finding that getting up and moving earlier in the morning is helping a … Continue reading Time, effort, and consistency acclimatizing into my new routine.

Lofty goals and stumbling

After a week away, I'm home and working on sliding back into routine, with some minor tweaks. I'm setting some short and medium term goals for myself and for my health. First and foremost, I'm setting my alarm earlier and forcing myself to get up so I can grab a workout and a shower first … Continue reading Lofty goals and stumbling

Complacency and finding my ‘why.’

I know I need to make a change. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com I need to make time to look after myself mentally and physically. It's not that I'm in a bad place right now, it's just I need to find the motivation to make a lasting change. If I can get myself back into … Continue reading Complacency and finding my ‘why.’

Getting productive…

Today was a somewhat productive day. I opened the store for Lynn since she had an appointment with the vampires first thing this morning, and while I was at the store I managed to get an interview done. After I headed home, I grabbed a quick lunch, then attempted to get some work done; however, … Continue reading Getting productive…

A bit of good news

Though no where near as hectic as yesterday, today was busy enough. I had a morning interview, then I met Lynn for lunch. This afternoon was in the textbooks or in the gym. I did get one bit of good news today. I received my first assignment back from my TA, and while not stellar … Continue reading A bit of good news

Book Review; “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins

David Goggins is a motivational person that I have managed to connect with more than any other speaker or writer I have followed. He's honest. He's raw. He makes me ask the question "How far can I go?" His book "Can't Hurt Me" is full of challenges, and pitfalls. In it he speaks how he … Continue reading Book Review; “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins

Embrace the suck.

Yesterday was a busy day. I ended up covering at the store for Lynn for part of the day, then J came in and closed for me. I got the lawn cut, and got some work done as well. By the time I factored in the lawn and workout and everything I got done yesterday, … Continue reading Embrace the suck.

Worth it.

I'm going to take a break from continuing my story for a few days. It's been cathartic talking about the calls and the steps since, however it's also been quite draining so it's time to take a break. Things have been going pretty good for me lately. Things with Lynn and I are going good, … Continue reading Worth it.

Knowing where I’ve been is helping me figure out where I’m going.

Tonight, I am feeling tired, but somewhat recharged. Today was a quiet day. I spent some time poking around our local museum where a work bee was going on to get things ship shape again after the renovations. I got some writing done, and I got a workout in later in the afternoon, as I … Continue reading Knowing where I’ve been is helping me figure out where I’m going.

Tired in the now.

The fatigue is sinking it's claws deeper and deeper into me. It's 9 p.m, as I write this and I am ready for bed. I just feel drained. As tired as I am feeling though, I'm not feeling the sense of hopelessness that typically accompanies such a soul sucking depletion of my core energy. I'm … Continue reading Tired in the now.

Pieces are falling together

The end is in sight as far as my current crop of work projects go. It's been a good, busy, but good couple of weeks, but I am definitely looking forward to things slowing down a bit. I have four or five projects currently on the go which I should have wrapped up by the … Continue reading Pieces are falling together

Muscle memory

The human body is an incredible machine. The complexity of it boggles the mind. It can heal. It can filter what we put into it. It can remember. I'm not just talking about cognitive memory. The fact that we can learn from the past and use it to guide our future decisions is amazing. The … Continue reading Muscle memory

“The war isn’t over when the fighting stops.”

Winter seems to be retreating, at least temporarily. The sun is out, and it's warmed up enough to start melting some of the snow again. I for one am happy about this particular turn of events. The last three days have been a whirlwind of activity. Covering several events on Remembrance Day, puttering at home … Continue reading “The war isn’t over when the fighting stops.”

Exercise and self-care

Today, I'm grateful for my health. I've been working on dragging myself back into a fitness routine, and this morning I did just over a mile and a half on the treadmill, along with some of the exercises that I was given by the physio-therapist. The arm hurts, but it will come back. It's a … Continue reading Exercise and self-care

Depression and self-defeat.

Last night I had the privilege of taking photos of our local high school football game under the lights. It was a game where everything was working for them, and they had the game at 45-0 by half time. In the second half, you could tell that the visitors were demoralized, and they played that … Continue reading Depression and self-defeat.