Turning a corner

Today was a busy one. Up and out by 10 this morning to have lunch with Lynn and take pictures at the Alliance Town Fair and Farmers Market. After the market it was a quick stop home to drop off a couple things, then a trip to Coronation for multiple events. First up, several members … Continue reading Turning a corner

On the right track

Today has been an off day. We said goodbye to Lynn's mom after she was here visiting for a week, then I covered the store and got caught up on some of work stuff. S covered the store for me at 1330 so I could head to the church and help set up for the … Continue reading On the right track


After covering events for the paper over the last few days and catching up on some housework, today's schedule is looking pretty light. I have a couple of pieces I am working on for the paper, and other than that I don't have much on deck, so I'm thinking that I'll be cutting the lawn … Continue reading Growth

Taking time and little things

Well, today has been a busier day. This morning, K and I spent some time running errands, then later K, D and I are going to go see Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. After that I'm meeting another friend to go see John Wick 3 at the cheap theatre (Unfortunately I didn't make … Continue reading Taking time and little things

speed bump

Well, the first day of my road-trip did not get started as anticipated. Lynn and I were attempting to leave the house when Sirius decided to try sneaking out. As a force of habit I attempted to grab him, and missed... I ended up jamming my ring finger into his collar as he slipped out, … Continue reading speed bump

Nothing ventured…

I have had something in the works for a bit, and I can let people know. Kevin J Sabo Photography is off the ground, and I have had my first client. The first shoot definitely had a steep learning curve, but in the end I believe the client was happy, and it was great experience. … Continue reading Nothing ventured…

We are the sum of our parts.

I can be very all or nothing. I've been that way with many things in my life. Work. Relationships. Fitness. The biggest problem I had would be having the motivation for any of the above fall away after a short time. For instance, with the fitness, I would set lofty and in hindsight often unobtainable … Continue reading We are the sum of our parts.