Busy day…

I am glad that tomorrow is having a somewhat slower start to the day. Up and out the door by 915, to take photos at a new sport group that is operating in town. After that, it was down to Hanna to give a presentation on mental health and PTSD for a class project for … Continue reading Busy day…

Finding my stride…

I was up and out the door early today. I was covering a 9 a.m. meeting of our local county council, and unlike many of these types of meetings, it ran long. I didn't end up getting out there until 1230. On the bright side, though, T ended up joining me for lunch after both … Continue reading Finding my stride…


Photo by Malte Lu on Pexels.com The last few years have been rough. There is no getting around that. I still miss my past life as an EMT. I had a love and passion for that job that I can't explain. I loved the adrenaline rush when the tones would drop. I loved that I … Continue reading Sparks

Pushing Red Line

An engine can only run at red line for so long before it will begin to fail. With all the odds and ends I've been getting involved with in recent weeks, as well as helping out at the store, I've been running at my red-line for a awhile now. I'm definitely feeling the toll it's … Continue reading Pushing Red Line

Busy day

Today was busy. Seeing as we are still down to one vehicle, I dropped Lynn off at the store around 10, and headed for Stettler for my 11 o'clock appointment with H. The appointment went well. He gave me some food for thought, and he worked with me on re-framing some of the stress I … Continue reading Busy day

I remember 9/11

It's been eighteen years since the world was changed on that fateful September day. I remember, like a lot of people, exactly where I was when I heard the news that international terrorism had hit the shores of NorthAmerica. I remember turning on the television minutes before the news showed the second plane hitting the … Continue reading I remember 9/11

Building positive habits and routines.

I was a home-body today, and I loved every minute of it. I spent some time playing Red Dead 2, cleaned up both of my cameras, and actually dug into the instruction manual on my primary camera to check out some different settings. I've loved the photography, and have already learned a lot, but there … Continue reading Building positive habits and routines.