I missed writing yesterday. Between catching up on some work projects, church, a visit with J, and Sirius leading me on a merry chase around town last night, I just didn't have time to blog. It happens. I had a productive enough day yesterday that I can't beat myself up for not getting the blog … Continue reading Recharged


Road trip! Today I'm on the road to Red Deer to meet a friend I haven't seen in at least 10 years, then I have to be back in Stettler for 3 p.m. for an appointment with H. I called the Chapters in Red Deer yesterday, and found that they had one copy of David … Continue reading Work

Sometimes you need dynamite…

Well, yesterday is the type of day I'd like to see repeated sometime never. I figured out that as good at communicating as I am with the written word, I suck when it comes to talking with Lynn. The resulting blowout was...unpleasant. As unpleasant as it was though, it got us talking, and actually listening. … Continue reading Sometimes you need dynamite…

Visiting history

Yesterday was a busy but fun day. I ended up covering in the store yesterday morning while Lynn was at the church, then for the afternoon, I went into the back country with J and the dogs to find things to take pictures of. My goal for the afternoon was to go out and shoot … Continue reading Visiting history

Hitting targets….like a bird into a window.

So I have been trying to lose weight. At my heaviest several months ago I was around 270lbs. Since then through a combination of diet and exercise, I've dropped down to 250lbs on my way to the target of 235lbs. I hit 250 several weeks ago, but aside from dropping down to 248lbs a couple … Continue reading Hitting targets….like a bird into a window.

I got triggered today, and survived.

Tonight, I feel mentally and physically spent. It's definitely a far cry from how I was feel 24 hours ago. It's not that today was a bad day. It was just tiring. Lynn, her mom, and I were up early this morning, because we had signed up for a greenhouse and antique tour through our … Continue reading I got triggered today, and survived.

Back in the saddle

Today was busy! Up and out the door early, conference most of the day, then my first workout in a few days. Damn that felt good. This evening I joined B for supper on his birthday. Still trying to figure out how he ended up cooking on his birthday, but I appreciate the gesture! After … Continue reading Back in the saddle