Lest we forget…

Photo by Social Soup Social Media on Pexels.com "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf," -George Orwell. Photo by Elina Sazonova on Pexels.com Canada would not be the country it is today, if not for the volunteers who have gone to war, … Continue reading Lest we forget…


Busy days

I have not been able to write anywhere near as much I would like recently. Fortunately, my schedule should be settling back down to normal as of Friday. I am definitely looking forward to it, because so far in November I've been home under two days. I was in Edmonton on the weekend for my … Continue reading Busy days

Remembrance Day: Lest we forget.

  War. It is a very human problem. No other species on the planet has taken killing to the levels that humans have. Wars have been fought in the name of power. Wars have been fought in the name of religion. Warriors have fought for peace. Wars have taken millions of lives over the centuries. … Continue reading Remembrance Day: Lest we forget.