Working on “downtime.”

It's been a few days since I've written. Things have been busy. Between work picking up, school, and my photography, I have not had much in the way of downtime, but I'm not complaining. With the weather getting nicer, I've been getting out to shoot more, and have been really happy with some of the … Continue reading Working on “downtime.”

Being someone else’s survival guide

As anticipated, today was fairly busy. It got even busier with having to do some photography work in my office, but it is what it is. I did manage to get a bit of downtime in, playing a half-hour of Spider Man on the Playstation and watching an episode of SWAT that had Lynn and … Continue reading Being someone else’s survival guide

The thrill of the hunt, and an update

Christmas is out of the house for another year. After church and lunch today, Lynn and I hunkered down at home, and got our tree taken down, and everything back into storage. Today seemed as good a day as any considering the mercury was sitting at -35C once wind chill was factored in. I don't … Continue reading The thrill of the hunt, and an update

Taking down time…

Today was a low key day. So low key, in fact, that I unfortunately didn't get a workout in. I ended up doing some research for a project that led me rather deep down the rabbit hole, and I didn't realize the time. That said, despite being a low key kind of day, it was … Continue reading Taking down time…


Today was quiet. I got a workout in, did some reading, and finished the reading for the next unit of my course. Once I get the assignment done I will officially be on the downhill part of the course. I have two assignments and one unit left to do before I tackle the final exam, … Continue reading Bookwork

Catching up

I haven't written for a couple days, as I've been busy. I've had a nice little flurry of work pop up in the run up to Christmas. Sunday, between church and community events, I spent most of the day shooting photos. It may have been busy, but it was fun. I always enjoy covering those … Continue reading Catching up

Content Warning: Unexpected triggers and self-care…

Today was nice and quiet. I was pretty much a home body today. I caught up on some housework, got some playstation time in, and got a workout in. This evening I watched a couple hours of television with Lynn, and have been doing some school work. Overall, I'm feeling good. I'm liking that my … Continue reading Content Warning: Unexpected triggers and self-care…