Equipment workhorse; Canon T6i

While not as up to date as the latest generation of cameras, I have to admit that I love my Canon T6i (750D outside North America). It may be an older model, but it is a workhorse. I've used it to shoot everything from school events to rodeo. It doesn't seem to matter whether it's … Continue reading Equipment workhorse; Canon T6i

Touring the back country

Today was a quieter day. I covered a breakfast with Santa event in Halkirk first thing, then met up for lunch with some of our church folks. After lunch I loaded up the two big dogs, Sirius and Roll, and headed out into the back country to take some photos. It was a relaxing afternoon, … Continue reading Touring the back country

Enjoying down-time

Today was the first real "day-off" I've had in a few weeks. The bad news, a chunk of it was playing catch up around the house. The good news is, even with the housework I worked at catching up on, I still managed to get in a couple hours of 'The Outer Worlds' on the … Continue reading Enjoying down-time


I know that when I started this blog back in 2017 the main purpose of it was to act as a mental health recovery blog, which it still is and shall remain, however I think I'm going to slightly shift the focus to more of my progress in photography. I am loving the photography, and … Continue reading Loadout

Busy day…

I am glad that tomorrow is having a somewhat slower start to the day. Up and out the door by 915, to take photos at a new sport group that is operating in town. After that, it was down to Hanna to give a presentation on mental health and PTSD for a class project for … Continue reading Busy day…

You live, you learn…

As busy as today was, I still managed to find some downtime. I was up early, and had the plumber stop in to check on a couple of things that we need to get dealt, then off to the lodge to do a photo shoot for the church members who live up there. It was … Continue reading You live, you learn…


Today has been a heavy day. I spent the day on course, taking my Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST.) Talking about suicide and mental health all day has been draining, but also cathartic. The people in the course come from a diverse range of backgrounds, however I did know a few of them, and … Continue reading Maintaining