Best laid plans…

With Lynn falling prey to a sinus cold and no one else to cover the store, my plans for the day took an unexpected turn.  Lynn has been bucking a cold for the last few days, and with the running around yesterday, it's finally caught up with her. It's unfortunate, but seeing as she needs … Continue reading Best laid plans…

Finding unlikely triggers.

Life has been busy, but I'm not complaining. Nor am I complaining about how varied my days have been. One day I'm covering minor hockey, the next day I am covering municipal town council, and the third I am covering something else. I never thought I would see myself as a reporter, but I am … Continue reading Finding unlikely triggers.

3-4-3: your memories live on.

On September 11,2001, the world as we knew it changed forever. The world watched in horror as first one plane, then another flew into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York City. Terrorism had come to the shores of North America. I was just beginning my EMS journey when the towers … Continue reading 3-4-3: your memories live on.

Writing prompt: The escape

Writing Prompt She opened her apartment door to hundreds of Roses. She knew they were from him; he had found her.  She stifled back tears as she reached for the phone in her purse. As she was dialing the emergency number, her phone rang. It was an unknown number. Her heart leapt in her chest. … Continue reading Writing prompt: The escape