the long goodbye…we will survive

How do you even begin to say goodbye? That is a question that has been running through my mind today, as we say a final goodbye to my sister-in-law Brenda. Today was the day of her burial, after her sudden loss in the beginning of February. With the burial complete, we are closing one chapter … Continue reading the long goodbye…we will survive

Getting back on track.

Somewhat quiet day today. Church this morning, then instead of going out for lunch Lynn and I grabbed some sandwich materials and had a quiet lunch at home. This afternoon Lynn napped and I played RDR2 and actually got myself downstairs for a workout. Between being fatigued and busy I have not managed to find … Continue reading Getting back on track.

Suicide vs suicidal; Thankful for friends who break the stigma of suicide and mental illness.

With the weather warming up and the sun shining, it feels like we have finally entered spring proper. The weather in this area has been nasty over the past couple of weeks. Wind storms. Snow. Things have definitely been unsettled, but things seem to have turned a corner. Nothing is permanent. Not the weather, not … Continue reading Suicide vs suicidal; Thankful for friends who break the stigma of suicide and mental illness.

The sheepdog

I'm enjoying a bit of a change of pace. This week has been slower than my last couple of weeks, although my Thursday and Friday are looking busy this week. It's a good thing though. I need to keep myself somewhat active. I need to keep my mind somewhat active. I just have to pace … Continue reading The sheepdog

Not a lot going on… and that’s a good thing

Light day today. Up, breakfast, then setting up my new Galaxy S9. Seems like a decent phone so far. Still need to get a case for it, but that will likely be happening next week. After I finished up with that, it was a dog walk, then a workout. I'm pushing myself to get back … Continue reading Not a lot going on… and that’s a good thing

Pieces are falling together

The end is in sight as far as my current crop of work projects go. It's been a good, busy, but good couple of weeks, but I am definitely looking forward to things slowing down a bit. I have four or five projects currently on the go which I should have wrapped up by the … Continue reading Pieces are falling together

Paying off.

My hard work is paying off. I had an appointment with a nurse in my clinic who specializes in weight management. According to her machine, since I saw her last in the beginning of March, I am down 6 lbs, but have lost 12lbs of fat and gained 6lbs of lean muscle mass. Considering the … Continue reading Paying off.