Learning, Quickly…

Photo by Soubhagya Maharana on Pexels.com It is that time of year again where time seems to have little meaning; that twilight zone between Christmas and New Year's where the days just seem to bleed together. While Lynn is taking some much needed time off -she closed the store from Dec. 24 until just after … Continue reading Learning, Quickly…

Getting back into things

Photo From July 10, 2021 Ranch Rodeo, Stettler, Alberta Well, today has definitely been a day. With the restrictions more or less fully off across Alberta, events are are starting to happen again, which has been nice. It's nice to actually be getting out and covering things for the paper, and I know that the … Continue reading Getting back into things

“Winning is winning”

It's amazing how much sleep helps my moods. I actually slept pretty good last night, despite waking up a couple times through the night. Mood-wise, today has been mixed. I have been doing tons of journaling since I've been here this admission, including some poetry which I will upload once I get discharged. The outcome … Continue reading “Winning is winning”

Goodbye to the beast.

Today is definitely one of mixed emotion for me. Today is the day I exit the mustang life, at least temporarily. If given the opportunity, I would definitely jump on getting another one, but at the moment I have no plans to replace the beast. The reason my emotions are so mixed is because I … Continue reading Goodbye to the beast.

The dawn after the storm.

After a couple of turbulent weeks I'm feeling strong and ready to head home and back into my life. After discussions with the doctor this week, discharge looks to be set for tomorrow. I couldn't be happier. When I was first admitted nearly two weeks ago I said i did not want a long admission. … Continue reading The dawn after the storm.

Building Blocks

I know my blogs have been slowing down lately. Life over the last couple weeks has been a blur. I am loving the writing and photo-journalism, and despite being on still being on the steep part of the learning curve, it seems to be a role I am well suited to. I spoke with M … Continue reading Building Blocks


This week has flown by. I am grateful to have a day where I can step back and slow down a bit. Between covering events for seniors week for the paper, my weekly Edmonton journey, and helping with the Stettler Car Club Show and Shine yesterday I have been going flat out, and being able … Continue reading Recharging

Winding Down, Ramping up

It's hard to believe that it's been over a week since my last post. Life has been busy. I made the decision to leave my support group a couple weeks ago, and my participation in it will be concluding on June 28th. I leave it much stronger than when I entered it a bit of … Continue reading Winding Down, Ramping up

Selling yourself short

The repairs to the mustang are almost complete. The crunch from last month has been repaired, and although I need to work on the paint a bit more, I have to say I am blown away at the result, seeing as I completed the repairs myself, with some guidance from a friend. It is definitely … Continue reading Selling yourself short

A Life Worth Living

The last couple of days have been eventful. Yesterday I was on the road for most of the day, dropping off auction posters for a friend, and I had an appointment with M in Red Deer. Then it was home in time to have supper, and off to the town council meeting. This morning was … Continue reading A Life Worth Living

Finding Balance

After reflecting on the last couple of weeks, it's easy to see that I am a lot  further ahead in recovery than I thought. This week has been busy. Between writing articles, covering events, and travel, I have not had much in the way of down time. I have been pushing myself at a higher … Continue reading Finding Balance

Finding My Voice With My Writing.

Today was a significant improvement on yesterday, although that is still setting the bar fairly low. Today was spent trying to work through the mess I created yesterday, and on the road to Red Deer to see my psychologist, and grab a couple things. As for the mess I created yesterday, I took the Mustang … Continue reading Finding My Voice With My Writing.

One of those days…

Today, I am hanging on y my finger tips. My morning off started not great, and it hasn't helped my already unstable emotions that I have been having over the last several weeks. I had some weird dreams last night, and din't sleep all that well. I woke up feeling kind of spacey. Seeing as … Continue reading One of those days…

I love my car, but ugh: Repair update

I am getting annoyed that as soon as one thing seems to improve, something else screws up. As far as my emotional and mental health issues, things are stabilizing. Definitely not perfect, but today has been way better than the last couple of weeks. On that front at least. I got the parts I needed … Continue reading I love my car, but ugh: Repair update

Cracks in the foundation

I have been on an upswing for awhile now. I have been enjoying it. I've been exercising every day, and have lost ~5lbs in the last month. I'm doing 1.3-2.3 miles a day on the treadmill. I'm writing several times a week, be it on the blog, for the paper, or the story I am … Continue reading Cracks in the foundation

Fast Cars and Mental Health recovery

Winter is reaching it's conclusion, and I for one, am grateful. This winter has been long, cold, and generally unpleasant. Add to the mix my mental health struggles in November and December, and my nagging shoulder injury due to a slip and fall on ice, I am more than ready to part ways with winter. … Continue reading Fast Cars and Mental Health recovery

You see an old car, I see unlimited potential

It's Family Day Monday, and the sun is out and the sky is blue. I love  this time of year. The days are getting longer, and spring is approaching. I am looking forward to car show season, even though mine is not much to look at. I just love being around others that have the … Continue reading You see an old car, I see unlimited potential