Closing in on the end…

Well, the end is in sight for another of my courses. I completed the seventh module -of eight- of my Communications 201 course yesterday morning. Which it complete, and still around six weeks left of my contract, I am in good shape to complete the course by the Dec. 31, 2021, deadline. With the module … Continue reading Closing in on the end…

I don’t think I’d change a thing.

I haven't written much lately, for a few reasons. First, I've been busy with work and school. The last week had me catching and writing-up several meetings, as well as conducting several interviews for a project. As far as school goes, I've been pushing hard to get my history course done as well as begin … Continue reading I don’t think I’d change a thing.

I need to find time…

Photo by Pixabay on The last couple of days have continued to be busy. I have to admit, I am enjoying the fact that I've been able to maintain this pace. It feels good to actually be productive. Unfortunately, I haven't made the time to get back into my workouts again. It just seems … Continue reading I need to find time…

Functioning Within Limits…

Photo by Markus Spiske on After taking a couple days off, it felt good being back in the gym today. Today was pretty quiet. With Lynn not feeling too hot this morning I ended up covering a quiet shift at the store. After the store I came home, had a light supper then after … Continue reading Functioning Within Limits…

Checking out the Marvel Exhibition in Edmonton

Today has been a wild day. Up early, though I did sleep in somewhat. I decided to forgo the workout today as my right thigh has been bugging me. It's like I've got a perpetual Charlie horse in it. I'm planning to jump back into things tomorrow, though I have a feeling tomorrow's workout is … Continue reading Checking out the Marvel Exhibition in Edmonton

Movie Review; Spider Man: Far From Home (Potential Spoilers for Avengers Endgame and Spider Man)

The latest version of the web slinger has swung his way into theatres once again, this time in Spider Man: Far From Home. Where Dark Phoenix did pretty much everything the wrong way and suffered from it not knowing quite the type of movie it wanted to be, the latest Spider Man movie is everything … Continue reading Movie Review; Spider Man: Far From Home (Potential Spoilers for Avengers Endgame and Spider Man)

Movie Review; Dark Phoenix (potential spoilers)

While X-Men: First Class rebooted the venerable X-Men series with a roar, Dark Phoenix, the third chapter featuring James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender capped the series off with a whimper. The movie tried to be one part superhero movie and one part thriller, in my opinion it did neither well. The movie veered so afar … Continue reading Movie Review; Dark Phoenix (potential spoilers)

Knowing where I’ve been is helping me figure out where I’m going.

Tonight, I am feeling tired, but somewhat recharged. Today was a quiet day. I spent some time poking around our local museum where a work bee was going on to get things ship shape again after the renovations. I got some writing done, and I got a workout in later in the afternoon, as I … Continue reading Knowing where I’ve been is helping me figure out where I’m going.

Avengers:Endgame Movie Review (Potential Spoilers)

After a decade of build up, Marvel has concluded phase 3 of the MCU with a truly epic Avengers:Endgame.Beware, potential spoilers ahead. Still with me? Endgame picks up a matter of days after the Thanos snaps his fingers, eliminating half the people in the universe. The movie starts strong, and barely slows until the end … Continue reading Avengers:Endgame Movie Review (Potential Spoilers)

Movie Review: Captain Marvel(No Spoilers)

While not the best of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, I think 'Captain Marvel' makes a case for being in the top third of the movies that Marvel Studios has been pumping out since 'Iron Man' kicked things off in 2008. Brie Larson plays Marvel's first bona fide female solo hero, and between the acting, … Continue reading Movie Review: Captain Marvel(No Spoilers)

Setting limits and working on self care.

So this week has ended up a little busier than I had intended, but I am coping for the moment. With how busy things have ended up, this afternoon/evening I am devoting to self care. I know I have work projects that I need to get done, but if I don't let off some steam, … Continue reading Setting limits and working on self care.

Game Review: Spider-Man PS4 (No spoilers)

The Web-head is back! Spider-Man, the latest game produced by Insomniac Games, dropped for PlayStation 4 in September 2018, and I recently got my hands on a copy. With beautiful graphics, a story that doesn't take itself too seriously, and our favorite hero full of his trademark quips, the game is a prime example of … Continue reading Game Review: Spider-Man PS4 (No spoilers)

RIP to a legend: Stan Lee

As human beings we cannot outrun the reaper. Unfortunately Death's  scythe has reached out and touched someone who has impacted the entertainment industry for decades. Stan Lee, the original "Mr. Marvel" has died at the age of 95 years. It is the end of an era in the comic book industry and in Hollywood. I … Continue reading RIP to a legend: Stan Lee