Getting productive…

Today was a somewhat productive day. I opened the store for Lynn since she had an appointment with the vampires first thing this morning, and while I was at the store I managed to get an interview done. After I headed home, I grabbed a quick lunch, then attempted to get some work done; however, … Continue reading Getting productive…

Photographic Diversions

One of my favourite hobbies is exploring the back country around where I live. The area around where I live is home to prairie plains, river valleys, and wind-swept badlands. All of these locales are with thirty minutes of my home. Probably my favourite place to explore is the ghost-town of Bulwark, located about twenty … Continue reading Photographic Diversions

Changes afoot

After a very short period of deliberation, I have decided to change photography website providers. It turns out that with the Adobe Photography package I subscribe to includes free portfolio hosting, using their software. The only charge for the service is $12/year for the custom domain. That is opposed to the $13/month I've been paying … Continue reading Changes afoot

Focusing on learning…

Today was a fairly light day. I did some general cleanup around the house, met a church member who was returning some borrowed items, and other general odds and ends. The biggest parts of my day were tied up with a workout and studying. For my workout today, I did just under a mile-and-a-half on … Continue reading Focusing on learning…

Keeping busy, but finding downtime too.

Today was steady. I didn't have a lot on the books schedule-wise, but after last night's council meeting I did spend a good chunk of my day researching and writing. However, that was broken up by a visit from my editor in Stettler. He's been on the job as the editor for the Stettler paper … Continue reading Keeping busy, but finding downtime too.

Gratitude, growth, and future plans

I'm home after nearly two weeks in hospital. My moods are definitely mixed with this admission. I feel like I walked out of the hospital stronger than I ever have in the past. I definitely got more out of this admission than some previous ones, and I feel like there is a plan firmly in … Continue reading Gratitude, growth, and future plans

Clean slate

People have good days and bad days. For me, yesterday was definitely the later. Yesterday was a low energy, low mood kind of day. I'm frustrated. I took the trip to Calgary to rest and recover and try and gain some balance with my mental health. The trip was supposed to recharge and refresh me, … Continue reading Clean slate