Learning balance and time management…

Photo by Aphiwat chuangchoem on Pexels.com This evening finds me in a contemplative mood. Today was a pretty light day. I let myself sleep in, then did a few hours of coursework. I managed to finish off another module of my 20th Century history course, this time studying how Hitler used the 1936 Berlin Olympiad … Continue reading Learning balance and time management…

Holding steady…

Photo by Alex Andrews on Pexels.com The weekend hasn't been overly busy, but it has been steady. Saturday, I spent most of the day studying, working on my 20th Century History course. It's been feeling good getting back into the swing of things. I also picked up my new office chair on Saturday, and I … Continue reading Holding steady…

Forced slowdown… on the injured list…

The last few days have been fairly productive. I got a few articles done for work, and jumped back into my history course. Unfortunately, I've had to take a few days off from my workout regime due to an injury. I felt something pop in my left ankle as I was getting off the treadmill … Continue reading Forced slowdown… on the injured list…

Paying off…

One thing I struggle to understand about myself is why I have such a hard time exercising. I know I always feel so much better after I'm done a workout. I did take it somewhat easy this afternoon, but I did head downstairs for a workout, which felt awesome. The shoulder is a little stiff … Continue reading Paying off…


Today was a productive day. I started the day by doing a run up to Alliance to grab pet food for Taffy and Rolo. When I got home from that, I headed straight into the backyard and -nearly- finished the mowing the back yard. I would have had it all done, but we got rain … Continue reading Productivity…

Working on “downtime.”

It's been a few days since I've written. Things have been busy. Between work picking up, school, and my photography, I have not had much in the way of downtime, but I'm not complaining. With the weather getting nicer, I've been getting out to shoot more, and have been really happy with some of the … Continue reading Working on “downtime.”

Time Management and Excuses

I try to write something every day. It doesn't matter whether it's in this blog, in my journal, or writing articles for the paper, I try to do something everyday to further the mastery of my craft. It doesn't have to be a lot, but I try to do something. There is multiple reasons for … Continue reading Time Management and Excuses

A change in perspective

Well today was a mix of good and bad. The good news is that the rotator tear I was previously diagnosed with in my right shoulder is no longer an issue. The bad news is that the ultrasound apparently showed the development of bursitis in the shoulder, which explains the ache. They opted to do … Continue reading A change in perspective

Keeping busy, but finding downtime too.

Today was steady. I didn't have a lot on the books schedule-wise, but after last night's council meeting I did spend a good chunk of my day researching and writing. However, that was broken up by a visit from my editor in Stettler. He's been on the job as the editor for the Stettler paper … Continue reading Keeping busy, but finding downtime too.

Slowing down

I am looking forward to sleep tonight. It's going to be in my own bed. It's been a busy, but productive week. I'm glad it's over though, because it was too much time on the road. The second day of my second course was definitely better than the first. It was more defined, and explored … Continue reading Slowing down

Busy days

I have not been able to write anywhere near as much I would like recently. Fortunately, my schedule should be settling back down to normal as of Friday. I am definitely looking forward to it, because so far in November I've been home under two days. I was in Edmonton on the weekend for my … Continue reading Busy days

Rest & Recovery

It seems that winter has descended on Castor. The wind started up on Friday while we were in Red Deer, and has not stopped, bringing with it snow which began last night. Today has been a good day to hibernate, and I need to take these days of rest when I get the opportunity. Today … Continue reading Rest & Recovery

Moving Forward

Today was a quiet one. I took the doctors orders to heart and gave myself another day to just let my body rest. It's not like I did nothing though. I finished a book, slept, and played some Red Dead 2. As far as actual productivity I got some files cleaned up on my external … Continue reading Moving Forward


Today did not go as expected. I ended up covering the store today as Lynn wasn't feeling well, which put a crimp in me getting anything else done. On the bright side, the store was busy enough that I wasn't bored, but slow enough that I managed to finish an article for the paper, do … Continue reading Reminders

Stress Load

Outside of cleaning up a bit of work and going for a massage today has been pretty laid back. As far as work goes, I got some graphic designing done and worked on an article. I did some studying today as well, but my mind has been wandering, so I'll attempt to do some more … Continue reading Stress Load

At least I’m not bored…

I'm impressed that I've been as functional today as I have been, seeing as I had to get up in the middle of the night cleaning up dog puke. That is not a pleasant wake up..... Aside from that, I was up and out the door to Stettler for a meeting this morning. I was … Continue reading At least I’m not bored…

Shifting winds of life

Today was a quieter day. I covered the store this morning while Lynn had her table set up at our local monthly Farmers Market. The store was dead while I was in there, but apparently it got pretty busy after Lynn took over. After Lynn relieved me at the store, I headed up to the … Continue reading Shifting winds of life

Coming back

Today was a relatively quiet, but full day nonetheless. I ended up spending the bulk of my day in the office today. I reorganized my work space, then polished off a couple of work projects before lunch. After lunch I did a workout, then back into the office again for another couple of hours, doing … Continue reading Coming back

speed bump

Well, the first day of my road-trip did not get started as anticipated. Lynn and I were attempting to leave the house when Sirius decided to try sneaking out. As a force of habit I attempted to grab him, and missed... I ended up jamming my ring finger into his collar as he slipped out, … Continue reading speed bump

Being uncommon among the common

"Be uncommon among the common people." -David Goggins. The quote above came up while I was watching a video during my workout this morning. It's a powerful statement. All through life we are taught to go along to get along. We are taught not to stand out. Com bine that with society's propensity to find … Continue reading Being uncommon among the common


Road trip! Today I'm on the road to Red Deer to meet a friend I haven't seen in at least 10 years, then I have to be back in Stettler for 3 p.m. for an appointment with H. I called the Chapters in Red Deer yesterday, and found that they had one copy of David … Continue reading Work

July 1, a retrospective on the first six months of 2019.

At the half way point of the year, I find myself reflecting on the trials our family has faced. Losing Brenda in February, my subsequent hospital admission in March, some changes at the work, and the loss of friends causing me to attend more funerals this than I have been at in the last 10 … Continue reading July 1, a retrospective on the first six months of 2019.

Embrace the suck.

Yesterday was a busy day. I ended up covering at the store for Lynn for part of the day, then J came in and closed for me. I got the lawn cut, and got some work done as well. By the time I factored in the lawn and workout and everything I got done yesterday, … Continue reading Embrace the suck.

Hitting targets….like a bird into a window.

So I have been trying to lose weight. At my heaviest several months ago I was around 270lbs. Since then through a combination of diet and exercise, I've dropped down to 250lbs on my way to the target of 235lbs. I hit 250 several weeks ago, but aside from dropping down to 248lbs a couple … Continue reading Hitting targets….like a bird into a window.

Pieces are falling together

The end is in sight as far as my current crop of work projects go. It's been a good, busy, but good couple of weeks, but I am definitely looking forward to things slowing down a bit. I have four or five projects currently on the go which I should have wrapped up by the … Continue reading Pieces are falling together