Life is good

Between trying to keep up with my five-year-old niece and catching up on work, I am tired tonight. It's been a great day though. My sister is visiting for a couple days with her daughter which has been awesome, and Lynn and I took my niece swimming this afternoon at our town's outdoor pool. Between … Continue reading Life is good


After covering events for the paper over the last few days and catching up on some housework, today's schedule is looking pretty light. I have a couple of pieces I am working on for the paper, and other than that I don't have much on deck, so I'm thinking that I'll be cutting the lawn … Continue reading Growth

Dusting myself off after lessons learned

Between my mental health struggling and being busy with company I've been having a hard time getting back into my routine, and I'm definitely feeling it. The fatigue related to the downswing has been bad, and I just haven't had the energy to break away to hit the gym. That is something I'm going to … Continue reading Dusting myself off after lessons learned

knocking down trolls

Blood doesn't make someone family. I broke my rule of not checking social media before bed last night, and saw that a family member left a troll-like comment on one of my previous posts where I was struggling mentally. It hurt that a family member could be so callous, telling me to "get a life" … Continue reading knocking down trolls

Thin ice and mules…

I had my appointment with H today in Stettler. He saw before I walked in that I was struggling. He asked me what was up. He asked me if I was taking my meds as prescribed. Then he asked me; "How much can a donkey carry?" I'll admit, I kind of looked at him blankly … Continue reading Thin ice and mules…

Give and take.

Drained. Fatigued. Fucking exhausted. I had a a good trip last week. It allowed me to get some of the pressure off me. Yet mentally I'm still not where I need to be. It feels like after this time away I am even further behind the starting line. According to my tech, I'm sleeping better … Continue reading Give and take.

Taking time and little things

Well, today has been a busier day. This morning, K and I spent some time running errands, then later K, D and I are going to go see Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. After that I'm meeting another friend to go see John Wick 3 at the cheap theatre (Unfortunately I didn't make … Continue reading Taking time and little things