Hanging onto the feeling…

Today has been quiet. I spent some time playing "The Outer Worlds," which I am really enjoying. As well, I did some chores at home, did a workout, and spent a solid couple hours working on my next assignment for school. I'm down to crunch time. I have until the end of the month to … Continue reading Hanging onto the feeling…

Grateful for a bit of down-time…

I am always grateful for light days. With nothing on the agenda and with how fatigued I've been feeling I cut myself some slack today. I played a couple hours of "The Outer Worlds," did some reading for my next assignment, did a couple of miles on the treadmill, and participated in an online forum … Continue reading Grateful for a bit of down-time…

Opposite action

Photo by Ruel Madelo on Pexels.com One tool that has helped me significantly in my mental struggles is the concept of opposite action. Simply put, opposite action is doing the opposite of what you are feeling at a given time. Don't feel like getting out of bed? Get out of bed anyways. Don't feel like … Continue reading Opposite action

Cardio day

It's only been a few days, but the work is already paying off. Today was a cardio day, and I ended up doing one and three-quarter miles on the treadmill tonight, in forty-five minutes. The amusing thing is that I'm feeling more awake after the workout than I was before. I'm working on slowly stretching … Continue reading Cardio day

Enjoying down-time

Today was the first real "day-off" I've had in a few weeks. The bad news, a chunk of it was playing catch up around the house. The good news is, even with the housework I worked at catching up on, I still managed to get in a couple hours of 'The Outer Worlds' on the … Continue reading Enjoying down-time

Keeping busy, but finding downtime too.

Today was steady. I didn't have a lot on the books schedule-wise, but after last night's council meeting I did spend a good chunk of my day researching and writing. However, that was broken up by a visit from my editor in Stettler. He's been on the job as the editor for the Stettler paper … Continue reading Keeping busy, but finding downtime too.

Game Review: The Outer Worlds (No Spoilers)

"The Outer Worlds" has been a fun game so far. Produced by Obsidian, the creator of fan-favourite "Fallout: New Vegas," the game can be used as a study to see what would happen if corporations take over control of space exploration. Set in the distant future, the player is a settler on a colony ship … Continue reading Game Review: The Outer Worlds (No Spoilers)