Avengers:Endgame Movie Review (Potential Spoilers)

After a decade of build up, Marvel has concluded phase 3 of the MCU with a truly epic Avengers:Endgame.Beware, potential spoilers ahead. Still with me? Endgame picks up a matter of days after the Thanos snaps his fingers, eliminating half the people in the universe. The movie starts strong, and barely slows until the end … Continue reading Avengers:Endgame Movie Review (Potential Spoilers)

Movie Review: Captain Marvel(No Spoilers)

While not the best of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, I think 'Captain Marvel' makes a case for being in the top third of the movies that Marvel Studios has been pumping out since 'Iron Man' kicked things off in 2008. Brie Larson plays Marvel's first bona fide female solo hero, and between the acting, … Continue reading Movie Review: Captain Marvel(No Spoilers)

The path through the darkness

The shriek of the radio tears through the night. Another night's sleep wrecked. It's time to go to work. Another interaction with people having the worst day of their lives. Another person gone too soon. We are highly trained. We are highly motivated. We do this job so others may live. Photo by Pixabay on … Continue reading The path through the darkness

Bumblebee Review (No Spoilers). Best Transformers yet!

Best. Transformers. Movie. Yet! A friend and I went to go see Bumblebee on the last night it was playing in our local theater. It was not what I was expecting, but definitely better than the dumpster-fire known as Transformers: The Last Knight. Aside from throwing the timeline of the existing Transformers movies for a … Continue reading Bumblebee Review (No Spoilers). Best Transformers yet!

Movie Review (No Spoilers): Bohemian Rhapsody

Lynn and I had our first date night in quite awhile last night. We took a run in to Stettler, dropped some bookshelves off at the Stettler mall in preparation for the Christmas event that she is partaking in this Friday and Saturday.  After, we went for supper at one of the local restaurants, then … Continue reading Movie Review (No Spoilers): Bohemian Rhapsody

Road trip.

Yesterday, Lynn and I hit the open road headed east to Saskatchewan. Despite the late start we got due to Lynn waking up with a massive headache, we still made good time, and made it to the in-laws place before it got too terribly late. The trip may have been long, but the weather cooperated, … Continue reading Road trip.