On bad days, I take the win where I can.

I slept last night. I still feel like hell today though. I'm just grumpy today. I have things I know I need to do, but no motivation to do them. It really doesn't help matters any that Lynn woke up with a migraine again, so I'm having to cover the store until she feels functional. … Continue reading On bad days, I take the win where I can.

Wallpapering fog…

Well, today did not go as planned... I let my bedtime routine get messed up last night, and as a result I forgot my meds. As a result I did not sleep worth crap. I finally realised my error around 3 a.m. After some prompting from Lynn I took them then headed back to bed … Continue reading Wallpapering fog…

Sometimes stopping isn’t the answer…

Little Theatre is done for the year, and I am grateful to have again taken part. Despite the adversity I've dealt with during the month of February, I am grateful for the experience and for the production that this group of talented individuals managed to bring together. The hours may have been long, but seeing … Continue reading Sometimes stopping isn’t the answer…


Fatigue is hitting me like a wall today. I always feel it the hardest the second day after my sleep gets disrupted, which it definitely did when I went to get Lynn. I was happy to collect her off the train yesterday, I just wish the train wouldn't have been as late as it was. … Continue reading Fatigue

Divine intervention, and an update

One of my biggest concerns this admission was who was replacing the doctor that left the facility in February, and would the person have the same level of understanding? I found out when I saw my attending today that it was....him. He is back covering for a week. To call this Devine intervention almost has … Continue reading Divine intervention, and an update


To say I feel exhausted does not even begin to describe it. Over the last couple of weeks I have crashed. Hard. I haven't been sleeping much over the last few days. I think last night I would have been lucky to get four hours of broken sleep. My appetite has crashed and I have … Continue reading Crash

Life update: Long (redacted) Week

Well, the last week has been busy. After my few weeks riding the wave of higher energy, my energy levels and moods have both been dropping. I've called my  Psychologist and Psychiatrist have appointments coming up with both in the coming weeks. To add to the stress of my moods dropping, I ended up getting … Continue reading Life update: Long (redacted) Week