Digging deep

Today was the final real "down" day I'm going to have for at least a week. I slept in a bit, then went to work processing photos from yesterday's hockey, then I ran sound for this morning's church service. After church we did our usual lunch thing with church friends, then back home where I … Continue reading Digging deep

Tomorrow is a new day…lessons learned

This morning, I hit the ground running, and didn't stop. I was up and out early to cover today's county meeting, then home to get them wrote up. B picked me up after lunch, and took me into an appointment in Stettler for an eye appointment. The appointment went well, though the doctor does want … Continue reading Tomorrow is a new day…lessons learned

The thrill of the hunt, and an update

Christmas is out of the house for another year. After church and lunch today, Lynn and I hunkered down at home, and got our tree taken down, and everything back into storage. Today seemed as good a day as any considering the mercury was sitting at -35C once wind chill was factored in. I don't … Continue reading The thrill of the hunt, and an update

3 ft. World…

Inspiration can be found in any number of places. Today I was introduced to the concept of the 3 ft. world, courtesy of all places, the television show SEAL Team. Two of the team members were talking, and staying in your 3 ft. world was mentioned in passing, so I decided to do a deep … Continue reading 3 ft. World…

Changes and growth

Yesterday, I got the news I was expecting, but still don't like. H confirmed that yesterday was our last appointment "for now." He told me that the guy he was replacing is coming back later this month, although as far as he knows he is actively trying to get a position in Red Deer, and … Continue reading Changes and growth

Return to reality, and potential changes on the horizon…

The holiday season is behind us, and with that reality resumes. After a whirl-wind trip to Calgary where we spent New Year's Eve with friends, today is most definitely back to the grind. I'm glad I don't mind driving. First up, I have to recover the dogs from the kennel, where they had a min-vacation … Continue reading Return to reality, and potential changes on the horizon…


Today was quiet. I got a workout in, did some reading, and finished the reading for the next unit of my course. Once I get the assignment done I will officially be on the downhill part of the course. I have two assignments and one unit left to do before I tackle the final exam, … Continue reading Bookwork