Waging a campaign of health…

Photo by Victor Freitas on Pexels.com The last few days have continued to remain somewhat busy. Yesterday was spent in the office, working on stories for the paper. I had three to do from earlier in the week, and I'll still have more to do early in the week. I'm enjoying it though, for the … Continue reading Waging a campaign of health…

Getting by with a bit of inconvenience…

Today has been another quiet day. I let myself sleep in again, trying to kick the remainder of this bug I've been fighting, and aside from heading out to grab groceries haven't been up to much. I've done a bit of gaming, rendering the world of Farcry 5, and also did some grocery shopping, and … Continue reading Getting by with a bit of inconvenience…

Not 100 per cent.. :(

My weekend has ended up differently than I was anticipating. I had a couple events to cover yesterday and was planning on going to church today, however those didn't happen. I ended up waking up with a headache yesterday morning, which progressed to a fever and chills as the day went on. I did escape … Continue reading Not 100 per cent.. 😦

Movie Review: “Bad Boys for Life” (No spoilers)

"Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whacha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?" The "Bad Boys" are back, in a fairly solid movie. I'm don't mind movie sequels, however the further between a movie and it's successor, the less inclined I am to like it. It's especially bad when they come over a … Continue reading Movie Review: “Bad Boys for Life” (No spoilers)

Movie Review: “The Rise of Skywalker.” (Spoilers)

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Lynn and I recently went to see the final chapter in the Skywalker Saga, "The Rise of Skywalker." I wanted to like the movie, and it was definitely the best of the new trilogy, that said, I feel that the movie fell short over what it could have been. The … Continue reading Movie Review: “The Rise of Skywalker.” (Spoilers)


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.comSome heroes wear capes. Others wear bunker gear and uniforms. I'm feeling the love today. My Facebook page has blown up with birthday well-wishes, and I am grateful. I know I haven't been in a great headspace lately. I know I've been struggling and feeling overwhelmed. The support means the world … Continue reading Heroes

Movie Review: 1917 (No Spoilers)

I was invited along to check out the movie "1917" with some of the guys from church on Wednesday night. I'd seen a couple of trailers for the movie, and they didn't really grab me, but I figured I'd go along with the guys. I am glad I did. The movie is set during the … Continue reading Movie Review: 1917 (No Spoilers)

Checking out the Marvel Exhibition in Edmonton

Today has been a wild day. Up early, though I did sleep in somewhat. I decided to forgo the workout today as my right thigh has been bugging me. It's like I've got a perpetual Charlie horse in it. I'm planning to jump back into things tomorrow, though I have a feeling tomorrow's workout is … Continue reading Checking out the Marvel Exhibition in Edmonton

Little bit of everything…

Today had a little bit of everything in it. I covered the store for a bit this morning while Lynn was getting bloodwork done, then came home, did some laundry and other housework, and started brainstorming for my next assignment. I finally settled on a topic; now to begin the research. I grabbed a workout … Continue reading Little bit of everything…


Today was quiet. I got a workout in, did some reading, and finished the reading for the next unit of my course. Once I get the assignment done I will officially be on the downhill part of the course. I have two assignments and one unit left to do before I tackle the final exam, … Continue reading Bookwork

Content Warning: Unexpected triggers and self-care…

Today was nice and quiet. I was pretty much a home body today. I caught up on some housework, got some playstation time in, and got a workout in. This evening I watched a couple hours of television with Lynn, and have been doing some school work. Overall, I'm feeling good. I'm liking that my … Continue reading Content Warning: Unexpected triggers and self-care…

Day off…

I managed to enjoy a nice quiet day today. I let myself sleep in, had an appointment with M, and enjoyed some Red Dead Redemption 2. This afternoon B came over and we got the outside Christmas decorations out. There was an event in Halkirk that I could have attended and covered for the paper, … Continue reading Day off…


For a switch, today was a much quieter, yet still productive day. I slept in, played some Playstation, then opened the store for Lynn while she nursed a migraine. After she made it down to the store I ended up meeting with MF to have lunch and discuss plans for our the upcoming training we … Continue reading downtime…

Flash fiction; Dogs of war

The explosion broke the silence of the pre-dawn desert. Our SEAL element was conducting a raid on a small village in western Afghanistan. The date was September 15, 2001. As soon as the towers came down on September 11 our entire unit was recalled to base. Seventy-two hours ago our friends in the agency presented … Continue reading Flash fiction; Dogs of war


Today was a somewhat productive day. I started the day by letting myself sleep in a bit, then when I got mobile I started catching up on some office work that I had been neglecting for too long. Then I was out the door, doing another photoshoot with a previous client. After the photoshoot I … Continue reading Productivity…

Keeping busy, but finding downtime too.

Today was steady. I didn't have a lot on the books schedule-wise, but after last night's council meeting I did spend a good chunk of my day researching and writing. However, that was broken up by a visit from my editor in Stettler. He's been on the job as the editor for the Stettler paper … Continue reading Keeping busy, but finding downtime too.

Game Review: The Outer Worlds (No Spoilers)

"The Outer Worlds" has been a fun game so far. Produced by Obsidian, the creator of fan-favourite "Fallout: New Vegas," the game can be used as a study to see what would happen if corporations take over control of space exploration. Set in the distant future, the player is a settler on a colony ship … Continue reading Game Review: The Outer Worlds (No Spoilers)

Slowing down

I am looking forward to sleep tonight. It's going to be in my own bed. It's been a busy, but productive week. I'm glad it's over though, because it was too much time on the road. The second day of my second course was definitely better than the first. It was more defined, and explored … Continue reading Slowing down

Over thinking

Over thinking always gets me into trouble. The latest example of this is in my English course. I'm currently in the process of writing my third assignment, and I was having an issue figuring out one of the concepts of this unit. After a discussion with my course tutor I realized that I was over … Continue reading Over thinking

A task completed

Today had a little bit of everything thrown in. Knowing that I had a meeting tonight, I turned my alarms off and slept until 0900, then played some Red Dead Redemption 2 for a bit before walking Taffy, followed by some time in the office, working on some graphic design and photo work. For lunch, … Continue reading A task completed

A bit of good news

Though no where near as hectic as yesterday, today was busy enough. I had a morning interview, then I met Lynn for lunch. This afternoon was in the textbooks or in the gym. I did get one bit of good news today. I received my first assignment back from my TA, and while not stellar … Continue reading A bit of good news

Writing Prompt: Stopping the war

I didn't know what to do, I just knew it needed to stop. Grave after grave after grave. I got tired of burying my friends. The past few months have been particularly harsh, losing thousands of fighters to the alien horde. I should start at the beginning. My name is James Ryan, and I am … Continue reading Writing Prompt: Stopping the war

Movie review: Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs & Shaw (No spoilers)

I have to admit, when I first saw the trailers for Hobbs & Shaw, I wasn't going into the movie with high expectations. The entire super soldier trope has been overdone, however the movie surpassed all expectations. The chemistry between Johnson and Statham is undeniable , and manages to grow throughout the entire two hour … Continue reading Movie review: Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs & Shaw (No spoilers)


A tool is a "device or implement, especially one in the hand, that is used to carry our a particular function." We use tools every day. Computers can be tools, wrenches are tools, obviously. A camera is a tool used for taking pictures. Living with mental illness requires the use of different types of tools … Continue reading TOOLS

cutting back on the noise.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com In the world today, we are bombarded by noise. Social media. Music. News. We are bombarded by a non-stop torrent of information from the time we get up to the time we go to bed. Across the world, the first thing many people do during the day is check Facebook, … Continue reading cutting back on the noise.