The last couple of weeks have been … intense.

Just about two weeks ago, we said goodbye to our precious Willow. We ultimately ended up having the vet come out on the Monday as we detected another problem with her and we just didn’t want her suffering any more.

I’m not going to lie; I was a mess. I miss my cat. Working in the office at home for the last couple of weeks just hasn’t been the same without her coming in to check on me, give me head-butts or mandated breaks. I swear I still catch her out of the corner of my eye as well.

The vet was caring and compassionate, and Willow died in Lynn’s arms because I just couldn’t hold her myself. Her absence has definitely left a hole in our hearts.

The day following I was back at work for a half-day before heading to Red Deer for errands. I dropped off my Canon M6 mii at McBain Camera to see if it would be warrantied, as well as picking up a polarizing lens filter for it using some Christmas money.

I got word a few days later that the repair sounds like it is being covered by Canon, which I am grateful for. Since it’s been out of service, I’ve been shooting with my backup body, a Canon T5i which, while functional, just isn’t the same. I should hopefully have the M6 back within another week or two.

I think Red Deer is where I ended up picking up a head cold as well, which hit me on the Wednesday afternoon. Fortunately, I was able to work from home the Thursday and Friday and take it easy over the weekend.

By the time I had to fly out of town the following Monday my symptoms had been reduced to next to nil.

Then I flew out of town … I ended up flying to Grande Prairie to cover the verdict in a court case for work. Flying up Monday night, I covered court in the morning on Tuesday then spent the afternoon in the airport lounge writing my stories.

By Tuesday afternoon my cough was starting to get worse again, and by the time of my flight my sinuses were very unhappy. However, copious cough drops and cough syrup later I was at least not coughing my head off for the entire flight back to Edmonton.

Still, aside from the head cold, the entire experience was amazing and a new high point in my journalism career to date. I’m also going to be following the story I was covering as well through sentencing and possibly through a second trial on more charges the individual is facing.

Making it home Wednesday, I was again able to work from home to recover from the whirlwind of the previous couple of days, and the head cold.

While I’m still battling things, I’m not coughing anywhere near as much as I was and I was able to get out and grab a few photos from Castor’s WinterFest festivities on Saturday, though I did do what I could to stay away from people.

Reflecting on the last couple of weeks, I marvel at how far I have come and the opportunities that have come my way. Like being given the opportunity to cover the court case which garnered national attention. I’m humbled and grateful for the opportunities I have received.

One thing I learned on my adventure was how little I really needed to take with me on a two-day work trip. I ended up paring down my camera bag and used it as my carry on. Between it and my CPAP bag, I had my clothes, work gear, toiletries, etc. I have to admit, it was nice hauling around tons of stuff.

The only thing I’m really kicking myself for is I forgot my refillable water-bottle at home.

Oh well, lessons learned.

It’s been a hell of a couple weeks, here’s hoping the next couple are a little quieter.

Thanks for following along.


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