Good news, bad news…

Where to even begin.

I’ve kept busy over the last few weeks, though I did manage some much needed downtime during the latter part of October. I spent a couple days working through workshops hosted by Adobe Systems, which showcased improvements and changes to the software I use all the time with my photography.

A few days later, I spent some time at Gull Lake Retreat Centre on a faith-based creative retreat with some like-minded individuals I know. The creative retreat was a great time away as well, where I had a chance to work on some creative writing as well as just unplug and recharge.

After I got back, I got some news from my publisher. She informed me that effective Nov. 1, I would be promoted to editor of the Castor and Stettler newspapers. While I had been the acting-editor up to this point, my job title had been reporter. With this change, the company has seen fit to match my title to the job I am doing, which I think is fantastic. I definitely appreciate the vote of confidence.

Speaking of work, it has been keeping me busy. With pandemic-era restrictions fading away and people being able to get back together again, October and November have kept me busy with a multitude of functions in the region.

While it’s been tiring, I’m grateful that things have been going so well. Hell, I can’t believe it has been well over two years since my last hospital admission. Speaking of which, I spoke to my new doctor.

The appointment with the new doctor was bot good news and bad news. The good news is, I got along well with him, he told me I can reach out pretty much anytime, if needed, and he listened to what I had to say.

The bad news is, while he is taking me on caseload, he is planning on retiring in the next year or two which means he is not going to be a long-term solution.

Oh well, that is a problem for another day.


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