Feeling strong…

I can’t believe it has been nearly a month since I’ve last wrote.

Things have been … busy.

Aside from a lull in the closing days of July and the first few days of August, work has been keeping me pretty steady. It seems like whenever I am have got things just about wrapped up on one pile of projects, I have another several headed down the pike at me.

I’m not objecting though. Aside from feeling a little burnt out last week, which I took care of with some early days and the weekend off, my mental health has never been stronger. The work being as varied as it is, and doing something as meaningful as I am, definitely contributes to my positive mental health.

Something else that is helping is getting back into my photography. Unfortunately, I haven’t been out shooting wildlife lately; but, I did end up taking a refresher night photography course with Saskatchewan based photographer Chris Attrell. The workshop was worth every dime and every minute I spent in it.

To make sure I helped lock in the skills, I ended up grabbing the camera bag and going out shooting around the railway display down at the Castor and District Museum. I’m definitely happy with some of the shots I got.

Continuing on with the photography, I’m looking at doing calendars again this year. Surprisingly, while costs have gone up, they have not climbed anywhere near what I had feared and I think I will be able to offer them at a reasonable price point.

I’m also hoping to beat the bushes and try and scare up some photography clients as summer fades into fall.

School, while going slowly, continues to go well. I’m just over half-way through my current communications course. I do need to up the pace though because I have just over two months to complete it.

At home, our family has a new addition. We’ve adopted a three-year-old Black Lab by the name of Clara Belle. while a handful, she has definitely worked her way into our hearts. And boy, does she love her walks!

We also just wrapped a two-week visit with Lynn’s mom, who was out here visiting us. It was a good visit, and I think we almost have her talked into moving out here, if we can get her house dealt with.

I apologize for the lack of activity on the blog. There are only so many hours in a day and I just can’t seem to get to everything. I’m definitely working on it though.

For those who have stuck around from the beginning, and those who have recently found me, I appreciate you and you are the reason why I keep coming back.


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