Catching up

Business man hand write his work plan on paper notebook with a pen while working in modern office. Man student taking note while learning online course via laptop computer, close up, elearning concept. Adobe Stock photo.

It’s been a minute since I’ve had a chance to collect my thoughts and write.

Between spending over a week in Saskatchewan at Lynn’s mom’s place and work being short-staffed, life has kept me hopping.

Fortunately, I’m 90 per cent caught up from my time away and the staffing issues are in the process of being addressed so things should settle out to their usual level of busy within the next week or two.

Mentally, I’m feeling well. The week away from work was a much needed recharge, despite the chaos it caused in my first couple of days back. Aside from that, I’m continuing to love the job and I feel I am fitting into the role well.

Something else helping me mentally is my workout routine. I started getting back into a treadmill routine a few weeks before we left for Saskatchewan, and after a full week back home hitting the treadmill everyday, the plan is to hit hit the weight rack again tomorrow morning.

It’s been months since I’ve done a full weight workout, so I am fully expecting some sore muscles afterward, but it will definitely be worth the discomfort. As long as schedule allows, the plan is to alternate treadmill and weight days going forward so I can drop some weight. My sugars are not in a good place at the moment, and I have to do something. That said, I do have an appointment with the doctor on Tuesday to put together a more comprehensive plan going forward.

As far as the weight routine, my plan is to ease back into an existing program I have, one that I know well. If I can get it going consistently, I’ll look at making some changes to it in a few weeks.

As far as school goes, I managed to get a considerable amount done while I was in Saskatchewan and am now just shy of the half-way point in the course. Unfortunately, I had planned to do some work on it this weekend, it just didn’t pan out. Hopefully the evenings stay quiet and I can get some work done on it after work a couple days this week.


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