Tweaking things…

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It is unbelievably the middle of July already.

This year has been flying by. Between work, school and cramming in some time for Lynn my schedule has been pretty busy. Still, despite the craziness I have been pushing myself to make some changes.

I’ve been out wildlife shooting a bit in May and June, just to do some photography for myself and not for the paper. With the shots I have been able to get thus far I seriously considering doing a 2023 calendar this fall.

Another change I’ve been making is the reintroduction of a fitness regime. I had been getting into one back in March when I got hit by COVID, and due to the lingering cough that stuck around until the beginning of June I wasn’t really able to get back into the gym. Now that the cough has resolved itself I have started the long process of getting back into things.

I have definitely de-conditioned in the few months since I was working out in a full routine last, and it is definitely frustrating building back up to where I was. Still, the body doesn’t forget (thanks to muscle memory), and though it will take me some time, I should be back into my hour a day workouts by early to mid-August as long as I stick with things. That will be the challenging part, fitting that in on top of my already full schedule.

The thing is, it is something I have to do for both my mental and physical health. It’s been a few months since I’ve had my blood sugar levels checked, and I’m honestly scared to. I know my weight is directly linked to the diabetes and that controlling one controls the other. I also know how much better I feel mentally when I am working out.

Stress doesn’t affect me as much when I’m working out, and with work there has been some stuff happening to stress me over.

However, putting everything in perspective, I can’t help but feel that I am on the right path. School is going well. Work is going phenomenally. I am rapidly closing in on two years since my last hospital admission with barely a crack in the foundation. Prior to this, my longest stretch between hospital admissions since 2013 was 18 months.

I know I need to make some changes, however the changes I need to make are minor tweaks, not major course corrections.


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