A Break from Routine

Well, Calgary Comic Expo is done for another year.

The fact that I was able to handle three days of crowds tells me how far I have come in m mental health recovery.

I did have a four day pass, however due to the crowds on Saturday, and how badly overwhelmed and over stimulated I got, I decided not to push things and ended up bowing out for the last day of the event.

Lynn did message me, and said that Sunday was a lot quieter than the Saturday was, so I’m thinking that next year I may still get a four day pass, but may attend the Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, just to avoid the crowds on what is traditionally the busiest day, Saturday.

Still, despite getting overwhelmed yesterday, the trip has been fun. I got to meet and get autographs from Nolan North and Troy Baker, two of my favourite voice actors from the Uncharted and The Last of Us video games.

Nolan North during his Panel at the 2022 Calgary Comic Expo.

A couple of highlights of expo have been North’s panel where he discussed different aspects about video game production and voice acting, and the Michael Rooker panel which was absolutely hilarious.

We are going to be meeting for friends for dinner tonight, then head home tomorrow afternoon. Unfortunately, I’m heading home and heading straight back to work with a meeting tomorrow night.

On the bright side, we are stopping and meeting my uncle and grandma in Red Deer on the way home tomorrow. This is one uncle on my biological father’s side of the family that I haven’t met yet, so this will be cool. I just wish we had more time to spend with them.

The last few days have been awesome, aside from the over abundance of people yesterday, and have been a much needed diversion, though I admit, I will be happy to get home and get back into routine.

Breaks from routine are important, however I have found in my mental health recovery that routine is just as important as breaks from it.


Some of the cops-players at Calgary Comic Expo 2022.
The highlight of the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo was Michael Rooker’s panel.
Lynn and Barf, from the movie Spaceballs.

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