Over sharpening a blade…

Photo by Los Muertos Crew on Pexels.com

My first week officially working full time is drawing to a close.

Truth be told, there hasn’t been much change from previous weeks aside from the security that it is full time, and in fact my workload has decreased a bit with no longer having as many regional stories on my plate.

Still, that hasn’t kept me from being busy. I’ve lost track of the number of phone calls I’ve made so far this week, and so far I’ve written at least a dozen stories with at least one or two more on the agenda today, though I do have photo processing from last weekend to do as well.

I’ve also found time this week to get some reading done for both work and school. I’ve made considerable forward progress in my second read-through of Great Expectations, and am picking up some subtle things in the story that I missed the first the first time around that I believe will aid me well when I got to write my paper.

I’ve also found some time to make some headway in some personal reading. I’m currently reading Michael Connelly’s The Law of Innocence, which sees the Lincoln Lawyer fighting for his freedom after he is framed for murder. It is a great read, and Connelly even managed to incorporate real-world events with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic into the story, which I thought was interesting. The thing I appreciate, is in the world where the virus is being hammered on by media everyday, while Connelly incorporates it into his story, he does so in a subtle way.

As for school, I’m feeling confident in my decision to extend the course to the end of March. With everything going on right now, the extra time is definitely allowing me to take the extra time to absorb things, and hopefully do this last essay assignment and prepare for the exam right. I know I have been struggling with this course, and while I want to get it done, I want to bring my mark up as much as I can while doing it.

I’m also agreeing with Lynn that when this course concludes, a month or two break will be a good think, especially as I transition fully into the new position at work. The fact is, I have been maintaining at high level for a long time. I’ve been juggling my freelance writing, photography, and school. Transitioning into the full time position means I need to rebalance the scale. I know I can continue maintaining, but the thing is you can only sharpen a blade so much before it starts getting dull again.

Even elite units, such as Tier 1 SEAL DevGru teams, are only active or deployed for so long before being stood down to give the operators a chance to recuperate. I know I’m not an elite operator, but the principle is the same. After pushing as long and as hard as I have, I need to allow myself some downtime.

Like my manager recently told me: “Dude, you need to take a day off.”

She’s not wrong, and it is definitely in the works for the near future so I don’t burn myself out.


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