Finding positive stress…

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It’s hard to describe, but this week has been equally frustratingly busy and agonizingly slow.

This was was my first week doing layout for both papers, which was definitely some added challenge. Still, being so early in the new year, combined with cases of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 blowing up across the province, it has made for a pretty slow news week so far.

Still, I managed to get one interview done yesterday, and worked on establishing some contacts in Stettler. I know I’ve been covering stuff off and on in Stettler for a couple of years now, however the stuff I’ve covered has mainly been sporting events and municipal politics. With me being the only reporter in the community at the moment, it’s time to start spreading my wings a bit.

The contacts I have made so far have paid have so far, generating a few story leads already. Between those, council Tuesday night, and Paintearth County this morning, I’ve now got a few stories to keep me busy, plus a few more I’m working on. This should have us set for content for a few days anyways.

Tomorrow is a work day, but it is also going to be busy with other things as well. One of the vehicles has to go in for an oil change first thing in the morning, and I have a couple of appointments in the afternoon. In the in-between, I need to get at least a story written, if not two, and an interview, possibly two. The scary thing is, as daunting as it can feel it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Honestly, it’s stressful, but it feels like eustress(positive) rather than negative stress.

That’s the kicker: not all stress is bad. Everyone needs a certain amount of stress in order to function properly. The stress from my days on the ambulance was definitely bad stress, and it had a cumulative negative effect on me. This caused me to associate all stress as negative stress, and it took me a long time to relearn that not all stress is bad.

Something I have learned about myself on my journey over the last couple of years is that in order for me to function properly, I need a certain amount of stress to function. Check that, I need a certain amount of positive stress to function. When I was in recovery, on disability, and starting my mental health recovery, I effectively had little stress. Having that little stress was actually as impairing to me as too much stress.

I don’t have all the answers. I just know what has gotten me to the point in recovery I am.


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