Feeling Driven…

Photo by Ivan Samkov on Pexels.com

Today was a sharp contrast compared to the day off I took yesterday.

Unfortunately, we said goodbye to Lynn’s mom early this morning. With cold and snowy weather moving into the region again starting tomorrow, she decided to take off a couple days earlier than planned.

After she left, I fired up the Playstation for a bit before getting to work. The past couple of days I’ve gone back into the world of Farcry 5. It is an enjoyable game, though admittedly it is in my opinion one of the weaker ones in the franchise.

Our Christmas light display came down today. Again, I figured I would take advantage of the decent weather while the opportunity presented itself.

Otherwise, caught up on laundry and did a couple hours of studying this morning. I finished off the first go through of my module on Great Expectations. I’m going to start a second read through of the book in the next day or two and start going through my previous modules as time allows.

I ended up sliding in just under the wire for getting my course my course extension. I was thinking about about whether I should extend the course or whether I should just get the damn thing done. I eventually landed on the side of extending it, which now gives me until the end of March to have it complete. With any luck, and work, I’m aiming to have it completed by the end of February. Two more months seems a reasonable time frame.

After studying, I grabbed lunch, played a bit more Farcry, then hit the treadmill for 45 minutes. I’m definitely feeling the time I spent away from the fitness routine, but I think the conditioning will come back fairly quickly. At least, that is my hope.

After the workout, I headed back into the office and worked until five. I had a couple of submissions that I needed to get edited before tomorrow morning, and a story I promised my manager for tomorrow morning.

This evening, after supper our town celebrated the new year, a couple days late, with fireworks. The fireworks were initially supposed to go on New Year’s Eve; however, because of the brutal cold that blanketed our region the organizers decided to postpone until this evening.

The fireworks were excellent, though the evening was still fairly cool. The wind had a definite bite to it, and I sought refuge in the vehicle regularly to warm up while setting up my camera equipment.

I took photographs and video of the fireworks, though I honestly have no idea how well any of them turned out. The camera gear got so cold while it was set up, I decided to just bring it inside and let it warm up before I go through the files. That will definitely be tomorrows project.

My plan is to get at least a few photos done so that I can include them in this week’s edition of the paper.

With a winter storm expected to hit our region tomorrow morning, I’m planning on working out of my home office for the day, then provided the weather behaves itself head into the Stettler office for a day or two later in the week. We’ll see how Mother Nature cooperates.

I’m grateful that I managed to get a bit of downtime around Christmas and New Year’s, but I am honestly happy that I have been able to keep as busy as I have. I’ve been feeling driven. I’ve been feeling like I have a sense of purpose again. I know this wave can’t last forever, but I’ll ride the wave for as long as I can.


One thought on “Feeling Driven…

  1. I thought the fireworks were for tonight!
    Glad you were able to get your extension. Now I suppose it’s a case of head down and get going! Hope you enjoy “Great Expectations” more than I did. Glad all is going well.


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