Learning, Quickly…

Photo by Soubhagya Maharana on Pexels.com

It is that time of year again where time seems to have little meaning; that twilight zone between Christmas and New Year’s where the days just seem to bleed together.

While Lynn is taking some much needed time off -she closed the store from Dec. 24 until just after the new year- I have fallen back into a steady routine with work.

Boxing Day kept me busy in town, taking pictures at a couple of different events and then processing the images of the same to post to the paper’s website and social media.

Monday was a full day in the office doing paper layout and writing a few stories.

Today is going to be much the same, finishing off layout with the newspaper design team, working on some stories, and brainstorming for some future stories.

It’s wild.

As busy, as tired, as stressed as I have been balancing work, school, and life lately, I have not been overwhelmed by any of it.

I would definitely call the stress I have been feeling in my life a good stress. It has been pushing me to do better. It has been pushing me to be better.

The biggest thing I am pushing up against right now is myself.

I strive to achieve at a high level.

When I make errors, I feel like a dolt. It has taken me a lot to realize that the errors happen in my writing, and that they happen in everyone’s writing. The main thing is correcting them as soon as I realize that there is a mistake, and now that I am have access to the online portal I can make those corrections fairly easily.

Still, something to be grateful about is that structurally in my writing, the number of errors I am making has greatly reduced over the last few weeks.

When I first started as a staff writer with the paper, my editor would usually make me aware of anywhere from six to 12 grammatical or Canadian Press Style errors. Granted, they are errors that most people would not give a second a thought, but they are what we work with to try and remain consistent across the papers we have. Over the last two to three weeks, my noted errors have dropped down to one or two.

As aggravating as they are, I need to look at the positives. Improvements are happening and I am learning, quickly.


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