Another Christmas done…

Some birds in our backyard, Christmas Day, 2021

Another Christmas is done with.

I actually turned my alarms off and let myself wake up when I woke up, which was just after 9 a.m., definitely late for me.

It was nice being able to not have to worry about getting up. When I did eventually get moving, I grabbed some coffee and caught up on some reading while Lynn slept and her mom played solitaire.

I’m around two-thirds of the way through Great Expectations. It is a good novel, albeit a challenging one to read. The challenge mainly comes from the fact that Charles Dickens wrote the story in the middle of the nineteenth century and some of the English used in the story is what I would term “archaic.”

Still, it is an enjoyable novel, though I’m a little disappointed that I saw a major plot twist coming long before it happened.

Once I get through the novel, I need to start working through the module for this book, and do my final assignment for the course. Considering that the book has been taking me significantly longer to get through than I was anticipating, I am weighing heavily my options of another course extension.

I would rather not, but I as of today I am down to five weeks to complete the novel, hopefully read it again, work through the module, submit my final assignment, and write the final exam, all while I am working pretty close to full-time hours.

Can it be done?


Can it be done well?

That is the better question.

The first two assignments with this course have not exactly gone well, and they have been the lowest marks to date of any course I have taken. As much as I hate paying the extra money for the extension, I think spending extra time working my way through Great Expectations and my final assignment leading into the exam could definitely benefit.

Being down to one course at the moment will also help as I will not have my attention split.

The bad news is it would mean pushing back the start of my next course, possibly to March 1.

Still, working being as busy as it is, this feels like the best path forward. Lynn isn’t crazy about paying for the extension, but she doesn’t disagree with my rationale either. I still have a few days before I have to make the decision, but it is worth consideration.

Anyways, after I finished doing some reading I ended up making us a lunch of pancakes. I’m not entirely sure what I did differently than normally, but they definitely turned out better than normal. They were significantly more fluffy than usual and -to me- just tasted better.

After food, we cleared the table and finally got down to business: opening presents.

The haul was pretty light this year, but none of us really went all out. It was enough that we were just spending the holidays together.

That said, Lynn got me a cool cutting board made out of rice husk, so it is completely biodegradable. I’ve been bugging her for months that we need new cutting boards, so I was pretty tickled with it.

She also got me a STARS calendar.

While I usually have a STARS calendar on my side of the bedroom, I think this year it will be coming down into my office since I don’t have one of my own calendars this year. I definitely need to get on that for next year.

Lynn ended up with some new nut-crackers for her collection, as well as a couple of Marvel movies and a box of chocolates.

Like I said, we kept the gift giving light this year.

The rest of the day was pretty laid back. Lynn ended up going back to bed because she was fighting a migraine, and I ended up doing some more reading, as well as playing a bit of Subnautica. In all honesty, it was maybe the second time I’ve touched the Playstation controller in like the last two weeks. I just haven’t been having the time.

Later in the afternoon our friend J. came over and spent a couple hours with us. A caterer in our community did individual turkey suppers for a really good price, so we ended up ordering four of those for supper. She was definitely not skimpy with the portions. Lynn and her mom had left-overs for lunch tomorrow. I guess I’m going to have to fend for myself, as I ate all mine.

Today was definitely a nice diversion from the hustle of the last few weeks.

Unfortunately, tomorrow I am back at work, for a few hours at least.

I have a couple of things happening throughout the day that I need to cover in town, and at least a bit of writing to do tomorrow afternoon in preparation for Monday.

As far as Monday goes, our region is entering a deep freeze. I was supposed to go to the office in Stettler for the day, but looking at the forecast, seeing as I don’t physically need to go there, I don’t think I’m going to go. We’re looking at a high of -36C both Monday and Tuesday. At that temperature, I’d rather not risk getting stuck on the highway.


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