Pleasant surprises…

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Sometimes I succeed in surprising myself.

I woke up to my Communications exam marks in my email box first thing Saturday morning, with pleasantly surprising results.

Due to the few questions in the exam that I was drawing a complete blank on I was expecting a mark somewhere in the 70 to 80 per cent range; however, after the dust settled and the exam was marked I ended up with a 94.4 per cent final.

This mark leaves me with a 93 per cent average for the course, which makes me happy.

I now have a little over a month to finish off my English course which has been plaguing me. The marks for it have not been quite as high. Oh well, the main thing is that I pass and get the three credits. While I do want to do well, in the end the final mark is secondary.

Also on the agenda is figuring out what course I want to take on beginning February first. I have until the first week of January to figure that out though, so I have time.

As far as work goes, things have been slowing down a bit heading into Christmas. I have one column to finish editing, and two stories to write, but it has otherwise been a fairly slow news week. I need to make some phone calls and see what I can come up with for content for next week.

My early morning workouts are just not happening. I’m not sure if it is the meds or what, but the alarm is going off and the body is completely unwilling. I’m finally getting functional around 0645, a full hour after my alarm goes off. I’ve tried taking my meds earlier in the evening at night but the early mornings continue to pose a challenge.

Since that is when my body seems to be more naturally getting functional, I think I will try adjusting that to my wake up time and try moving my workouts to elsewhere in the day. As much as I would like to do a workout seven days a week, with my current schedule between work and school, I know that it isn’t feasible so I am focusing on four hour long workouts a week. I’m just trying to find a good, and consistent, time to slot them in.

Hopefully once we get through the holiday season and things settle into a more regular routine I will be able to get into a more consistent routine, at least as routine as I can with my work.

Speaking of the holiday season, Lynn’s mom made the drive out from Saskatchewan to spend Christmas with us. She arrived last night, and will be sticking around until just after the new year, which will give us a time for a good visit.


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