CMNS 201: Reflective BLOG

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Through eight modules, at least twice that many readings, and five months worth of studying, I’m on to the final assignment of a journey started on July first.

Re-reading my some of my blogs from August, when my journey through the course was still in its infancy, I have come to realize that my thought process around the conversation of communication has expanded somewhat.

In my August. 15, 2021, blog post, linked here, I discuss my revelation of how everyone who uses social media is both a media consumer and a media producer. While I still firmly agree with that conclusion, subsequent reading, along with the events of the last nearly two years, have also taught me that the digital world is a new version of the Wild West, with grossly inadequate regulation.

By virtue of both my job as a journalist and as a blogger, I believe in and value free-speech, unfortunately, with the hate and vitriol being spewed across social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter with frequent regularity, as much as it pains me to say, I’m beginning to believe that freedom of speech needs to have limits, at least online. As much as I am not a fan of the current leadership in Ottawa, this is one topic I find it hard to condemn him for, though I know his minority government will find some way to a.) rig it to his advantage and b.) seriously mess up the roll out. It’s hard to be disappointed when you set the bar so low.

I just wish that the Canadian-Television and Radio Telecommunications Commission had taken a more active role in internet regulation in the multiple opportunities that they had to do so, as discussed in Unit 4.

Another comment that struck me from that same blog has to do with everyone selling selling something. In a way, even with these blogs I am trying to sell something. In my case, I’m trying to sell the someone on taking the time and energy to read the blog in the hopes that they might get something out of it. If I get writing or photography clients out of someone taking the time to read my blog it is a bonus, but in a way I still profit, by having the peace that comes with knowing that I have been able to share my experiences. I stand by what I said in that previous blog post, at it’s simplest for communication is about selling something. At the end of the day, I want someone to consume my blog, as discussed in Unit 3.

A final piece of the blog that struck me is that thanks to the changes in technology over the last several decades and the reducing prices of said technology, nearly anyone has the ability to become a media producer, and thanks to the make up of the internet nearly anyone can share that media from anywhere.

Upon reflection, this fact has been tremendously beneficial in my own life. As a journalist, and a blogger, thanks to the internet being literally everywhere I have a cell-phone signal, I can upload my work to the cloud from anywhere. I can also consume media from anywhere.

Thanks to the plan we have through our internet provider, I can take my cable package with me and watch it wherever I happen to be. This decentralization of services is a a key factor in one of the readings we covered, and thinking about, definitely impactful. This decentralization is discussed in Unit 2.

I have to say, I have definitely learned a lot going through this course. It’s made me think about communications and communicating in a new and different way. Oh, and as far as my Facebook use goes, I’m not sure how I managed it, but I have managed to organically drop my time using the app without actually pulling it off my phone.


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