Closing in on the end…

Well, the end is in sight for another of my courses.

I completed the seventh module -of eight- of my Communications 201 course yesterday morning. Which it complete, and still around six weeks left of my contract, I am in good shape to complete the course by the Dec. 31, 2021, deadline.

With the module done, I booked the final exam for the course for Dec. 20, which will give me a few days around the holidays to unwind before refocusing on getting my English course finished by the end of January.

I think, especially in light of starting the new position at the paper, I’m going to complete the Communications course and the English course, then with those done, aim to start a new course in February, which means I will have to register by the end of December.

I would like to get back to doing two courses at a time, however, with the way these two were overlapping, plus work, I just don’t see it right away. Instead, I think I will start a course in February, then pick up another one in April, keeping at least a couple months of separation between the start of the two courses.

Honestly, I think that is part of what is killing me with my English course, the fact that it and the Communications course started basically on top of each other.

As far as my English course goes, I just completed my second read-through of Timothy Findley’s The Wars, a novel about a Canadian in World War I. Now to start going through the study modules, as well as reviewing some of the early ones. I’m aiming to have this course wrapped by the final week of January, for better or for worse.

On the work front, the week was a little less busy than the week before, for a couple reasons.

First off, I didn’t have four councils meetings in three days to cover, which always make for long days.

Secondly, I intentionally pulled back a bit this week, so I could focus on my studies. I worked my through that module, and finished that book.

As far as work goes, my agreement with the paper is for part-time with a 20-hour minimum, and in my first three weeks on the job I’ve been averaging between around 30 hours, which both my supervisor and I seem to be happy with, and as far as she is concerned, we can keep it there, unless either of us are told otherwise from the higher ups.

Mentally, I’m tired, but good. Working the hours I have hasn’t been a huge change from my freelancing, except I’m getting better compensated for the work that goes into my projects. Still, my days are getting filled, and I am finding that I am having to mindfully find downtime for myself.

On evenings where I don’t have work meetings, I have been making time to watch an episode or two of something on television with Lynn. As for my Playstation time, that has dropped off to next to nothing. I’m getting a bit of time in on the weekend, but that is about it. The wild thing is, I’m not really missing it.

It is a far cry from when I was in the depths of my illness and I was spending four to six hours a day on the thing, just passing the time. I’m finding between work, school, fitness, spending at least a bit of time with Lynn, and the boards I sit on, I’m busy enough that I really don’t have the time for it. And that’s alright.

The Playstation was a tool that me through my darkest days by giving me outside my thoughts and emotions to focus on, which, let’s be honest, was still relatively brainless. It is still a fun diversion, but not something to live my life around. There is so much more to life than that.

As far as fitness goes, I’ve managed a couple of workouts so far this week, but with how busy the week was, I wasn’t able to get as many in as I would have liked. Unfortunately, after my last round of bloodwork, I need to make a change. I need to get back into a healthier routine. This furlough from my routine through the majority of September and October did me no favours.

Still, one step at a time. There are only 24-hours in a day, and I can’t do everything. I know that. I accept. I just need to make the best use of my time that I can.


2 thoughts on “Closing in on the end…

  1. You are accomplishing a lot Kevin, and more than managing to hold it all together. It is very important though that you do not neglect or put off anything that keeps you healthy and alert. I am praying for you Ducky.


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