Looking forward to next steps…

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I’m nervous, yet excited at the same tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I embark on the next step of a journey that I started four years ago, when I start writing as a freelancer for my local paper. Tomorrow, after four years, I officially join the publication as a staff writer.

I know that the job is only going to be permanent part-time, but after having no stable job for the last half-decade plus, even a part-time job is a step in the right direction, particularly when it is doing something that I love, and something that I seem to have some skill at.

The fact is, thanks to the freelance work, thanks to the writing, I have become more grounded and more stable over the last four years than I thought I would ever get again. While there will be some differences between being a staff-writer versus being a freelancer, the fundamentals will remain the same. I’ll still get to chase stories. I’ll still get to showcase my community.

One major switch will be that instead of chasing stories on my own, hoping that they get used -though, in all fairness, very few didn’t- I’ll be working as part of a team in a newsroom, under an editor. While I will still have some autonomy to chase stories in the region, I will also have others to lean on and learn from as I take the next step in my journey.

That is exactly how I am looking at this. As a next step. I have learned a lot over the last four years about my new profession, however I know I still have a lot left to learn, and this step will allow me to learn even more, while allow me to adjust to a more expanded role. The nice thing is, with the position being part-time, it still gives me opportunity to work on my university courses, which I am grateful for.

Yet, I remain nervous. It has been years since I have held a job with permanent hours. There will also be the increased responsibility. Still, I have come so far in the last four years, I feel better poised for this transition now than at any time in the recent history. The fact that I’m nervous about it is a good thing. It means that I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

Being in a comfort zone is not a bad thing. Being comfortable is a place to heal. It is a place to recharge and refocus. However, a comfort zone is not a place to grow, and I feel that while the previous arrangement had benefits, such as being flexible and giving me time to study, it also reach got to the point where it was comfortable, and my growth was therefore limited.

I appreciate that the regional manager who set this position up for me had the consideration to set this up in such a way to grow into something more. As nervous as I feel, it makes me feel that after a transition, I should be able to get into the groove of things, with just enough added stress to encourage further growth.

I’m honestly looking forward to what happens next.


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