Bouncing Back…

An old country cemetery near home with the old church overlooking it. Oct. 11, 2021. Kevin J. Sabo Photo.

The last few days have been busy, but a much slower pace than previous weeks.

I managed to get caught up with work, and focus some on school, catching up on some English reading and working on my Communications assignment. My Communications assignment currently needs one more editing pass before submission, which I’m aiming to get done tomorrow.

As far as work goes, this week is going to continue being a bit lighter. I have a couple interviews tomorrow during the day, a town council meeting tomorrow night, a county council meeting on Wednesday during the day, and a village council meeting Wednesday evening. Thursday is a catch-up and school work day, and Friday I am covering my usual Friday in the store.

Mentally, I am definitely feeling better than I was last week. The grief from the loss of the friends still hurts, but I am moving through it, and I am working my way through the depression associated with it. I’ve spent quite a bit of time working through Red Dead Redemption 2, watching mystery movies with Lynn, and generally letting my mind coast while I process everything that has gone on.

The Thanksgiving holiday was definitely quieter than years past. We ended up getting pre-made dinners from someone in town, and taking them up to a friend who lives alone in a neighbouring community, which was nice. We brought supper with us, and they made a delicious pumpkin pie for dessert, and the three of us had a good visit. With the Covid-19 case numbers being what they are and the friend being somewhat immunocompromised, I’ll admit I was leery about going for supper, but I did keep my distance, and I honestly really enjoyed the visit. It was good for my soul.

Something else which was really good for me today was getting out and taking some photos again. I had been out since April or May, as I’ve just been too damn busy between work and school. I went out for a couple hours this afternoon with B in the northwest section of the county I live in, and this evening Lynn got a tip that the Northern Lights were visible, so we grabbed my gear bag and headed out into the county again where I experimented with some long-exposure photography. It has been too damn long since I’ve been, and I definitely can’t let it be this long between outings again.

I’m glad that I made it through the mood dip none the worse for wear, and I am starting to bounce back.


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