An eye-opening exercise…

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I attempted to take a bit of a day off day. I was somewhat successful.

The reason I was only somewhat successful is because I still ended up writing a couple of articles for the paper, as well as continuing on with my media tracking exercise for school.

This assignment is really opening my eyes to the amount and types of media I consume on a daily basis. Between watching television, playing video games, mindlessly scrolling Facebook, or listening to music while I work, I seem to always have some sort of media going on.

For me, music is the big media I consume. I usually have it going on during the day while I am at my computer writing, unless I am transcribing notes from audio files of interviews. Even when I break away from work and hit the gym for a workout I have the music going.

While going about my day today, and listening to music, I tried to be mindful of the music I was listening to. I realized that my music selection is rather eclectic, ranging from country, to heavy metal, to rap. In my collection is a sizeable accumulation of commercially available music; however, upon reflection I realize that I have a large amount of music from people within my circle. I am surrounded by talented individuals.

Personally, I have very little musical talent. As Lynn has told me on many occasions, I am tone deaf. Still, that doesn’t preclude me from really enjoying music, and supporting my friends by liking, and listening, to their music keeps them going. My buying an album from someone who sells a few hundred copies of their music is definitely felt more than when I buy music from an artist who has sold a few hundred thousand copies of their album. It’s just the economics of scale.

Something else that is significant that I have noticed is to do with my social media use. For the purposes of the tracking, I am supposed track media use over fifteen minutes. While I don’t tend to go into social media platforms like Instagram of Twitter all that often, I find myself randomly scrolling my Facebook feed for anywhere from three to five minutes at a time. While rarely triggering the fifteen minute threshold for the purpose of tracking, looking at my screen time on my phone I find that I am still racking up to two hours a day on Facebook. That is a lot of quick checks of Facebook, and a lot of lost productivity.

I’m going to see how it goes for another few days, but I am honestly considering pulling the Facebook app off my phone. I know I will still be able to access it on my laptop and iPad, but it will make it less convenient.


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