Looking at the positives…

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I’ve been struggling a bit over the last week.

Work has slowed down a bit, which has allowed me plenty of time for me to work on my schoolwork. This is not a bad thing, as it’s allowed me to get my second assignment done for my twentieth century history course. I’m on schedule to write my final exam for the course in two and a half weeks, which is also a good thing.

The bad comes from a couple of things going on.

First off, physically, I haven’t been able to work out lately, as I’ve been dealing with one injury after the next. Currently, my ankle is getting back on track, but I had a blister pop on my heel, which has put a damper on things. It is definitely a sign that I need some new footwear, and I’m going to go look for new workout runners tomorrow, now that things have healed up somewhat.

Secondly, I got some bad news from my therapist in Stettler. She told me at our last appointment that she is ending her employment with the clinic I attend as of the end of June. I was connected with her last year because of the number of therapists I had gone through, with the intention of staying with her long term, however, that isn’t going to be the case. She’s been my therapist for just about a year, and she has definitely done some good work with me.

It definitely sucks that she is going to be leaving, but I don’t begrudge her the fact that she is, as she is taking a position doing something she loves. Still, losing that continuity of care is going to suck. I’m just grateful that I didn’t discontinue things with m completely, as was initially suggested when I started seeing her.

Apparently her position has already been advertised, and I will be given the option to transfer to the new person, whenever that person starts. That said, M still gives me a discount due to my income, and with that continuity of care, I’m just wondering if I should just stick with him. I definitely have a decision to make. I have an appointment with him next week, where I will definitely be discussing this conundrum with him.

As much as it sucks though, and it definitely does, I am definitely not in the same place mentally as I was even a year ago. I’m accomplishing more now than I ever thought possible. I’m not in a position where I feel I need the intensive support that I once needed, though, completely cutting it out, I feel, would be a net negative to my health.

It may sound trite, but the only thing constant in life is change. My treatment over the years has changed. My abilities to handle life have changed. I’ve had many therapists over the last decade, however this one in Stettler was one of the better ones. Still, this is one more change I have to deal with, and thanks to the work I have done so far, one more thing I will be able to handle.

Looking at the positives in my life, I have a lot to be proud of.

I’m done that second assignment.

I’m on pace to finish one course, and I start a new one July 1, which will have me managing two courses going forward.

The slowdown with work isn’t permanent, and I have some good events coming up which I can cover for the paper.

The injuries are slowly healing, and once I get some new runners, I will be able to ease back into my workout regime.

Yes, the loss of the therapist is a setback, but I am in a good position to manage the change.


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