Building on successes…an update

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I love productive days.

In honour of the long weekend I let myself sleep in a bit this morning. After I finally got up, I spent some time playing Star Trek Online, a free-to-play game I have downloaded on my PS4. I’ve had the game for years, however I haven’t played it in at least a couple. Still, it is a game I don’t mind going back to from time to time.

Due to the uptick in Star Trek series on CBS All-Access, there is always being new content added to the game, based on the new material provided by the series, which has done a lot to keep the game fresh, and playable. The graphics in the game are nothing to write home about, however for a free game, I’m not going to complain. I like that the devs of the game keep updating it, and make use of the rich storyline that has been laid down by previous and current shows.

Play-time over, I had a light lunch then headed down into my office for the afternoon. I worked on a project that I’ve been working on for awhile, and then shifted gears, doing some reading for my upcoming “Prose Forms” class starting June first, and then finishing off another module of my twentieth century history course. With this module done, I am onto my second assignment of the course, which I started doing prep-work on.

Aside from the assignment, completing this module leaves me with four left to complete, as well as the final exam. I am definitely moving through this course fast, and will be complete well before my September 1 deadline. I know I’m starting a new course in June, but part of me is wondering if I can get the history course done by the end of June, and start a new one for the beginning of July. It is definitely something to contemplate. If I am going to register for a course beginning July 1, I am going to have to get registered fairly quickly though. Again, it is something to contemplate.

My goals for this week are going to get caught up on a couple of stories for the paper which are still outstanding, as well as do some interviews for an article series which I hope to get started later this week, or early next. Aside from the interviews and catch up, I have one meeting to cover for the paper, and two more to attend on Wednesday night and Thursday night as a member of the board. As far as school goes, my goal is to at least get a start on the reading for the next assignment.

Despite taking it easy on the offending foot, my ankle and calf do not seem to be healing, which has delayed my return to the fitness regime, unfortunately. Since the leg is still being a pain -pun intended- I am going to call and arrange an appointment with the kinesiologist who works out of our local hospital. I’m hoping that she will be able to get me on the right course of strengthening the ankle so I can get back at it.

Mentally, I am doing okay. Not stellar. Not poorly. Just okay.

Honestly, being okay is not a bad place to be. I’m getting things done. I’ve got focus on what’s important. I spoke with Dr. M at the centre this last week, and as far as he is concerned I am doing as well as can be expected considering the trying times we are currently. He wasn’t surprised when I told him I struggled at the end of March and beginning of April, but he was glad to hear that I made it through without needing to reach out for additional support. It’s a sign that the skills I have hard-learned are being used. He wants to speak to me again in the mid to end of August, as that is the time of year when I usually start struggling the most.

As far as my work situation goes, he feels that freelancing for the paper has had a positive impact on me, and on my mental health. In his option, currently both my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms are being well managed, and that as long as I build things slowly, I am in a good place to continue my successes.

The main thing for me for the next little while is going to be sure I keep some balance in my life, so I don’t overwhelm myself and set myself up for failure. That is going to require getting my rest, and managing my time, both things I feel capable of doing, more so than at any time previous in the last few years.


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