Back at it…

After a too long absence, I finally got out shooting again last night.

I think the last time I took a deliberate drive to stop and take some nature photos of the region was back in January. Honestly, the weather last night could not have been better for it.

The main purpose for the expedition into the country northwest of where I live is because I wanted to check out an old church building that dates back to the early 1900s, and is in fact one of the earliest churches in the region. The building has been abandoned for years, and is falling into significant disrepair.

The steeple finally fell off of the building in the last year to eighteen months, and the side walls of the building are starting to seriously buckle. I’d be surprised if the building remained standing for more than another year or two, if that long.

It is a testament to the time that this church was built though. It has survived decades of neglect, fierce Alberta winters, and the steady winds which routinely course through this region.

Another reason for last night’s sojourn was to see if I could get any hawk pictures. They are by far my favourite animal to take pictures of, and though Lynn and I did see a pair of them in our travels, they decided to play camera shy. We were not left without wildlife, however.

There is a roadside pond on the way out to the old church, and it was full of a variety of wildlife, such as these vicious Canadian Cobra Chickens… There were some ducks in the pond as well, though they were playing camera shy as well.

A pair of muskrats were also playing in the pond while we sat and watched, which was a neat experience. I had never one of them before, and the little guy was extremely photogenic.

In addition to the critters at the pond, a short ways further down the road we found this herd of deer.

The lens I was using for this adventure was the Sigma 150-600mm I purchased last fall. I bought it, and have used it a bit, but this was really the first time I was able to use it to a fuller extent of its capabilities. Overall, with the quality of these photos, I believe it was well worth the investment.

All in all, it was a nice adventure, and it felt good to get back out taking wildlife pictures. It has been too damn long, and I need to make getting out like that more of a priority, because it is an awesome activity for my mental health.

As far as my mental health goes, I’m feeling good. I’ve definitely bounced back from the depressive episode I had earlier this month, and I am definitely it a much more sold state of mind than I was in. Even with how hectic this week has been, I’ve been taking it in stride, and though I still have a bunch of stories I still have to right, I’m not feeling overly stressed out about it. My editor and I have talked, and I’ve got the ones done that need to be done for this week, and the rest can be sent out over the next couple of weeks. Nothing in them is immediately pressing.

I’ve already told my editor, that regardless of what I get done today, or don’t, I’m taking tomorrow as a day off in order to get some rest and prepare for the week ahead. Mercifully, the coming week has a couple of things on the agenda, but overall will be a good week to get caught up on my studies and outstanding articles owed to the paper.

As for as my coursework, I started the seventh, of fourteen, module in my twentieth century history course. That has me at just about the half-way point of the course with still just over four months left. It leaves me feeling optimistic about my plan to pick up a second course beginning in June first. I still haven’t registered yet, as I wasn’t sure about things, given my recent mental health issues, but I don’t have to decide until the first week of May for the June first start. Feeling as I am now, I think I’m going to go for it though.


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