Stepping back a bit…

Where it comes to my mental health, I can maintain until I can’t. When I can’t, I tend to crash hard and fast.

Getting busy and over-tired tends to precipitate the drop in my moods. With the commitments I had over the last week, and everything I’ve accomplished, I’m kind of surprised that I am not starting to slide.

With everything going on between home, work, and school over the last week, I’ve pushed myself as close to the line as I think I ever have, at least in the last decade.

The fact that I’m not sliding, despite the fatigue, is a definite indicator that I am significantly better off mentally than I was not so long ago. Still, I’m grateful that the coming week is going to be nowhere near as busy as last week, because, to be honest, if I push myself any harder without letting myself back off a bit is just asking for trouble.

I’m taking the win. I got a hell of a lot done last week, and managed to maintain mentally throughout, but now it’s time to step back and recharge.

I have a couple of things for work going on, and my ever-present history course, but overall the schedule is going to be much less intense than last week, which is a good thing. Even my course is cooperating with me, with the next module encompassing one chapter instead of three.

I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished in the past week since I’ve been home from Saskatchewan, but I also know I need to back down.

While I usually struggle the most in the fall, April, for whatever reason, is not usually a great month for me either, and I need to make sure I treat myself at least somewhat gently.


2 thoughts on “Stepping back a bit…

  1. Good, Kevin! I am so proud of your healing to date. You have come a long way in understanding and balancing in this past year especially. Recognizing the boundaries and stopping the pushing shows how far along the mental health road you have travelled. Well done dear friend.


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