Heading home…

My time in Saskatchewan is drawing to a close.

I came out here two weeks ago to help my mother-in-law recover from surgery, and with a clean bill of health by the surgeon yesterday, that mission has come to an end.

Despite some complications immediately following the surgery, the last week has gone well, with her recovering her strength exponentially everyday. Today we even tag teamed cleaning her house before I take off tomorrow.

Aside from helping my mother-in-law out, while here I also succeeded in completing the second module of my twentieth century history course which began on Mar. 1, as well as completing several stories for work.

I am definitely looking forward to getting home though. Two weeks away is a long time, and I am definitely happy to be heading home to Lynn and the dogs.

I’m not going to have much time for rest though.

With the pipe leak that happened in the closest of my office, I have to get that cleaned up, as well as covering a couple of council meetings and a couple meetings early in the week. And, of course, there is always the ever-present coursework to do.


One thought on “Heading home…

  1. You’ve been busy. Hope the journey home goes well. Looking forward to you being here. Praying for journey back. xxx


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