Well, it has been a week.

I’m still in Saskatchewan, helping out my mother-in-law as she recovers from surgery, which she had last Tuesday.

While the surgery went well, she ended up having some complications in the days after the surgery, necessitating an overnight admission to the local hospital and an urgent trip back down to Regina to see the surgeon.

The appointment with the surgeon went well, and he was generally happy with what he saw. He said that the complications she was experiencing our very common, and he was not seeing anything that overly concerned him, which helped ease all of our minds.

She was slated for a follow-up appointment with the surgeon on Monday, however, due to just seeing him on Friday, he is going to have his office call and bump the appointment to sometime later in the week, likely Wednesday or Friday.

With the complications and the pushed appointment, my trip out here is being extended an extra few days. Provided all goes well this week, I’ll probably be travelling home Saturday or Sunday, though right now that is very flexible.

Mentally, the last week has been rough. I’ve been stressed worrying about Lynn’s mom. There was quite a few early mornings, messing with my sleep, added to the stress. The last couple of days have been good though.

As stressed as I’ve been feeling though, I’ve been maintaining well. I’m definitely feeling like I need to move some more, but otherwise I’m continuing to feel strong mentally.

This week should definitely be more settled than last week. We have a trip to Regina for sure, and aside from that, I have a couple of articles to work on, which has me nearly caught up. Other than that, the plan is to help Lynn’s mom out, and maybe do some cleaning for her.

My goal one night while it’s clear is to head out and take some night pictures, maybe catching some Aurora if they cooperate. I will post some pictures if I manage any decent ones.

Other than that, I need to start doing some studying.


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