Crawl before I walk, walk before I run…

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Well, after a much needed break, I am back at it again.

Despite spending some of Sunday in the office working on my school stuff, I did manage to take it mainly easy, watching some television with Lynn.

Monday was supposed to be an office day, working on school stuff, however due to mechanical issues a friend was having, I ended up going for a road trip, which to be honest, I am not complaining about. I ended up going out in the afternoon taking some pictures as well, because the weather was damn near perfect for it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t come across any wildlife to shoot, but it was still an awesome day for a drive. I ended up heading up towards the old mine in our area, and took some photos of one of the draglines for a client.

For the shots, I broke out my Sigma 150-600 lens. I have to admit, despite the cost, I am happy with the shots that I can get with this particular piece of glass. Thanks to the incredible zoom range, objects which are a significant distance away can fill the frame, making for much better shots. I look forward to getting out shooting with it some more.

Tuesday ended up being a mixed day. Lynn injured her back, so I ended up covering the store for a bit in the morning, until we could get one of our regular girls to cover. Then I was home. I caught up on some laundry, finished the second draft of my next essay for school, and got some photo editing done.

Today ended up pretty steady. I had a pair of interviews this morning, then an article to write this afternoon. I still have one more to do, but it can keep for a couple days. A friend is reviewing my essay for me, just to make sure it’s logical. My plan for Friday or Saturday is to do another go over it, and get it prepped for submission to my instructor by Monday.

Tomorrow is going to be another busy day. I have an early interview, followed by a couple hours filming for my church in the morning for our weekly devotional video. If that finishes in time, I have an event to take photos at at 1145. The rest of the day is going to be video editing until supper, then back to the church afterward to participate in the church board meeting in regard to some technical issues we are having.

I’m hoping Friday is going to be a somewhat quieter day. I’m planning on sleeping in, then heading in to Stettler for a bit to grab a few things. Saturday, if all goes well, I’m grabbing a new-to-me treadmill, because I think the motor is gone on my current one. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do, I can’t get the belt to run smoothly, and every time I take a step the belt slows right down before picking up again. Some friends have one that they are not using anymore, so they are offering a good deal on it.

My current treadmill I’ve had pretty much since we’ve moved into this house. I’ve put a lot of time on it. I think I paid $300 or $350 a decade ago, so as much as it sucks, it doesn’t owe me anything. Still, having to get a new treadmill is not ideal; however, considering how much time I spend using it, not having a working one is not ideal either.

Mentally, I’m doing well. The pace I’ve been maintaining hasn’t been bad. I just wish that I was generating a bit more revenue with all the energy I’m expending. Still, I need to crawl before I walk, and walk before I run. I know things will happen in their own due time.


One thought on “Crawl before I walk, walk before I run…

  1. Good for you,keep up the good work but always take a ME break,we all need a time out in our busy lives!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’•


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