Celebrating slow growth…

The new year has been off to an okay start.

I took a couple days off of studying on New Years Eve and on New Years Day, which was a much needed break. I did manage to convince Lynn to give me a hand for a couple hours cleaning up the office downstairs yesterday. Considering the state of disrepair that the space has fallen into, being nothing more than a store room for the last five years, getting set up in that space is going to be a process.

Still, as long as I keep chipping away at it, and with the help of Lynn, it will come to fruition. I just need to focus on the long game and look forward to it being done.

Focusing on the long game is a skill that has helped me considerably in dealing with my mental health journey. I used to be fairly impatient, and while I still can be, I have mellowed considerably over the last few years. Instead of being in a rush to accomplish things, I’m slowing down and looking at things in the medium to long term, not just the short term.

One example of this is the work I am putting in on my Bachelor’s Degree. I’m not rushing to get it done, piling on course on top of course. I’m taking it almost leisurely, one course after another, each getting done in it’s own time.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still putting in the work. I’m just taking the time to do things right.

It’s like with the videos I started producing for the church. I look at the most recent ones, and compare them to my earlier ones, and there is a significant difference. I’ve grown. Significantly. I didn’t start out on the level of creators like Peter McKinnon, but through slow growth I am gaining confidence and ability. I have learned so much so far, and I know I have much left to learn.

The slow growth is having an affect on my confidence as well, though, to be honest. I’m still may worst critic. A case in point are some fireworks photos I took of the New Years Eve fireworks hosted in our community. I’ll be honest, I am not overly happy with them. I don’t feel they hold up, especially when compared to the Canada Day fireworks I was able to shoot in 2020. Yet, the feedback I have received on my photos has blown me away. Yes, I hold myself to a higher standard, but sometimes I just need to celebrate the wins. Like with my videos, my photography did not get where it is overnight.

It was slow growth. It was practice. It was learning. It was making mistakes. It was growing over time.

I honestly feel that one of the most significant factors in the successes I have had is the slow growth. It was slowing down and letting things happen in their own time. I have had a lot of success in 2020, despite the challenges, and I look forward to the growth and challenges of 2021.


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